Maltstock Program September 08-10 2017 – Whisky News



Our crazy packed 2017 program will provide you with a relaxed weekend of whisky fun. If you want to check out all the Maltstock goodness that is coming your way this summer: Click here If you want to be part for this, but haven’t got a ticket yet… Relax! Tickets are still available, although availability is limited of course. Click here to ride the digital highway to our shop and treat yourself to a fun packed relaxed weekend!




Maltstock tickets are all inclusive. All your food, beverages and all of our program is included in our entry fee.* You do, however, get to choose if you want to stay with us, and most of our guests do, which makes Maltstock an unique social event! If you want to camp outside or stay in a hotel nearby you are welcome to do so at your own expense. Maltstock tickets are for the whole weekend. We do not sell day or session tickets. Tickets are available at our online shop: *There can be additional costs involved if you want to taste exclusive or rare whisky at the stands of our private collectors, importers and shop keepers.

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