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Chichibu @ Maltstock


Great news! Japans most exiting distillery: Chichibu is coming to Maltstock again this year! Yumi Yoshikawa will be flying in to be with us, and share a dram in the autumn sun! Want to know anything about Japanese whisky? She can tell you tuns of stories and give you inside information about this beautifull distillery. Besides that, we are delighted to have her sparkling personality around us again!


SoS Promo tour

Spot the Maltstock promo car!

Be scared… be very scared 😉 From the 25th of April untill the 5th of May the Maltstock team can be found in Scotland! We’ll be roaming the Speyside during the Spirit of Speyside Festival again.

AA Maltstock

So… if you see us, wave, scream, shake hands with us and make a selfie with our Maltstock promo car. Responsibly of course, making selfies in front of a driving car is not safe.



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