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Mark Watt


Mark ‘Allround Fashion Guru’, ‘Nose of Cadenhead’s‘, ‘Whisky Nerd’, ‘Storyteller’, ‘Once upon a time in a Japanese bar’ Watt will be at Maltstock again. Oh, and he is going to do the Campfire tasting. Fasten your seatbelts, you’re in for a ride!!  But since most of you probably have heard his stories by now, we decided to also ask Cameron McGeachy from Cadenhead’s. Together they’ll host the campfire. Let’s see who gets burned 😉

Both sessions at Whisky in Leiden are sold out, well done Jack. You might have become a bit sad after reading this news. This is where Maltstock steps in, because we still have some tickets left for the weekend session at Maltstock. Lucky you! Last Cabin tickets still available. Why wait? You will be more relaxed with a Malstock ticket. Visit our webshop to become relaxed.

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