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Words cannot describe the beauty of the Balvenie Set DCS Compendium Chapter 2.

We will however, give it a go:

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The Balvenie DCS Compendium Chapter Two features five extremely rare single-cask single malt whiskies and highlights the complex manner in which different oak casks influence the flavour of The Balvenie during the maturation process.

David Stewart MBE pioneered double cask maturation, or finishing, during his career at The Balvenie and this chapter showcases his vast knowledge and understanding of this process. The whiskies in Chapter Two, range in age from 15 years to 43 years, with each of the casks chosen by David imparting their own distinct flavour profile to the final expression.

Each whisky in Chapter Two hails from a different cask style – including European oak Oloroso sherry butts, first fill American oak Bourbon barrels, a European oak port puncheon and a European oak Pedro Ximénez sherry butt.

The Balvenie Aged 43 years.

European oak Oloroso sherry butt – Filled 31st October 1972.

“ The 1972 refill sherry butt may have lost some of the flavours we expect from sherry casks, dried fruits and spice, but it really shows a unique character of the balvenie, spicy but less ‘winey’ sweet, more honeyed sweetness. Very few examples like this remain and I love it.” – David C Stewart

Tasting Notes..

Nose – Fragrant, floral and fruity, fresh pineapple juice and melons, a malty sweetness and soft oak vanilla.

Taste – A syrupy sweetness, with honey, butterscotch, vanilla toffee and delicate cinnamon spice.

Finish – Lingering with gentle waves of vanilla and subtle oak spices.

The Balvenie Aged 26 years.

First fill American oak bourbon barrel – Filled 1th May 1990.

“ Seeing the different effects wood can have is still a great pleasure for me. Distilled just six months apart we can showcase first fill American Oak and European oak with 1990 casks

David C Stewart Tasting Notes..

Nose – Rich and malty, sweet toffee, vanilla fudge with layers of honeycomb and a delicate spiciness.

Taste – Rich maltiness, honey maple syrup and citrus notes, ending in delicate cinnamon spice and subtle oak vanilla.

Finish – Rich with a creamy sweetness and gentle spices.

The Balvenie Aged 25 years.

European oak Oloroso sherry butt – Filled 3rd October 1990.

“ The first few months are when an oak cask gives the bulk of its colour and a good deal of the influence over the flavour of the liquid. When I feel like the oxygen, wood and time have done their jobs it’s time to move them to another cask.” – David C Stewart

Tasting notes..

Nose – Rich and deep, elegant oaky notes followed by sweet aromas of raisins, dates and gentle ginger spice.

Taste – Velvety smooth with sweet dried fruits, a deep nuttiness and sherry oak. Gentle warm spices and a touch of oak tannin.

Finish – Sumptuous with a sherried sweetness.

The Balvenie Aged 19 years.

European oak port puncheon – Filled 6th August 1997.

“ I remember this port puncheon; it was a cask we used to finish our 21 Year Old PortWood. I decided in 1997 to fill it with a new-make and to be fair I think we forgot about it after that. I noticed it again some years ago and I’m delighted I kept it aside” – David C Stewart

Tasting notes..

Nose – Creamy toffee notes of brown sugar, hints of dried fruits and delicate spices of nutmeg and cinnamon.

Taste – Warm and inviting, with prunes, plums and figs. Tropical fruit juice, sweet wood spices and dried.

Finish – Lingering with dried fruits, oak spices and sweet wine.

The Balvenie Aged 15 years.

European oak Pedro Ximénez sherry butt – Filled 25th April 2001.

“ This 2001 cask was a butt that held gorgeous Gonzales Byass Pedro Ximénez over several decades before it came to our cooperage. It is unusual in really showing the sweetness of the Pedro Ximénez and The Balvenie as a near liqueur. It reminds me of the freedom I’ve enjoyed in my role as I filled it without having to decide how it would be used or when” – David C Stewart

Tasting notes..

Nose – Deep and intensely fruity, peaches and mango, soft vanilla with layers of brown sugar and oak spices.

Taste – Syrupy with a toffee sweetness, a touch of spicy ginger overlaid with gentle oak tannins.

Finish – A fruity sweetness with gentle oak vanilla and spices.

The Balvenie’s david stewart is the longest serving Malt Master the industry has ever known. As he enters the twilight of his career, it’s important to David that he passes on his knowledge so others can follow in his footsteps.

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