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Irish Whiskey Appreciation Course – CHQ

Wednesdays at 7.00pm from 5th October 2016 The CHQ Building, IFSC, Docklands, Dublin Tel: 01 612 5540 Email: €160 per person

The aim of our ’Irish Whiskey Appreciation Course’ is to explore and understand the vast array of Irish Whiskeys on offer today in Ireland. The course will provide an opportunity for whiskey drinkers of all levels to explore Irish Whiskey with a strong emphasis on tasting, so as to gain an appreciation for the vast array of flavours available in the Irish Whiskey Industry today. We will taste 6 whiskeys per class, with the possibility of a few special extras.

Course Content:

Session 1 (Wednesday October 5th) Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Session 2 (Wednesday October 12th) Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Session 3 (Wednesday October 19th) Single Grain Irish Whiskey/ Independent Bottlers

Session 4 (Wednesday October 26th) Blended Irish Whiskey

To reserve your place on this course or for more information, please contact our CHQ shop on 01 230 2301, send us an email at or click here to book online.

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