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Distillery Focus Glengyle Distillery home of Kilkerran Part 1

This is the first part of the main release whisky due on August 12th 2016


What we call Campbeltown today was indeed called Kilkerran, and if my history is correct the Loch was also named Kilkerran town loch.

While the stock is not due in the store for sale until August 12th we wanted to give you a little more information about the distillery ahead of the open day tasting here in London, Campbeltown and Edinburgh.

Glengyle distillery was founded in 1872 by William Mitchell who’s family was well known in the town for another distillery you might have on your radar; SPRINGBANK, anyone know it?! Between 1872 and 1919 the distillery like so many others operated quite well as a private concern until it passed into the hands of West Highland Malt Distilleries Ltd who ran the site until it closed a few years later in 1925.

The distillery became a garage around 1929/30 not quite what the founders had in mind but this did protect the site in many ways. In 1941 the site was purchased with a view to return the site into a fully operational distillery, sadly it never happened even when it was purchased again in 1957 when talk of distilling emerged, still no sign of a distillery.

After a while talk of distilling stopped until Hedley Wright the owner of Springbank decided to purchase the land and buildings with the view to opening the distillery once more, this seemed only fitting given it was his own family’s distillery back in 1872. Once the site was in the hands of the family again no time was wasted in planning the new oldest distillery in Scotland the first to open this millennium.

First things first, where will they get the stills from? The answer came via a now defunct distillery called Ben Wyvis. The stills arrived in Campbeltown then it was a case of some re-shaping before installing, more equipment was installed until finally the work was done for the rebuilding.

The first distillation of the new spirit took place on March 25th 2004 with a plan to release a series called ‘Work In Progress’ when the liquid reached 5 years old.

Check back with the next Newsletter due August 12th for the rest of the story behind Scotland’s oldest new distillery.

Cadenheads Whisky Shop & Tasting Room 26 Chiltern Street, London, W1U 7QF

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