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Glasgow’s first whisky boat sets sail on the Clyde

The ‘Murray McDavid’ whisky boat finds a new home in the heart of Glasgow moored next to the ‘The Tall Ship’ at Riverside.

Owned by Aceo Limited, the company behind the Murray McDavid brand, the 60ft traditional wooden boat ‘Murray McDavid’ has been rejuvenated for a new lease of life on the River Clyde. Designed as a floating office for day to day business, it will also be taking guests on board for whisky tasting events throughout the year, introducing whisky lovers to Murray McDavid’s inspired Scotch whisky.

During the summer months, the boat will also take sailing trips to the whisky islands to take part in whisky festivals and cultural events, with a variety of fun whisky destinations. Corporate events and tasting groups can take advantage of the location in the cultural heart of Glasgow, enjoying bespoke tasting sessions and private bookings.

Murray McDavid is a whisky bottler with a long tradition of practising the art of maturation to produce inspired Scotch whisky. We offer the complete range of scotch from vintage single malts and select grains to vatted malts and crafted blends.

For more information on the Murray McDavid brand visit www.murray– or email Brand Ambassador Dean Jode on

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