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Tickets on sale Tuesday at 10:00am

This is your reminder: tickets for Spirit of Toronto 2016 go on sale this morning, Tuesday March 29, at 10:00am!

These may be purchased as follows:

  • In person at Roy Thomson Hall’s box office at 60 Simcoe Street
  • By calling Roy Thomson Hall’s box office at (416) 872-4255
  • Online through Roy Thomson Hall’s website

Buying tickets online for several people? Please keep reading!

Masterclasses: the more, the merrier?

May we make a suggestion based on feedback from our regular guests?

If this is your first time coming to the show, one masterclass will be plenty, leaving you with ample time to explore the tasting halls, sample a cocktail, take in some live jazz and see why everyone is queuing for the prime rib and Yorkshire pudding.

For those determined to attend masterclasses at both 7pm and 8:30pm, please allow enough time to check-in, check your jacket, collect your glass and event programme, and queue for the class itself. But please keep in mind that attending 2 classes leaves little time to enjoy the event itself!


Buying Multiple Tickets Online

If you are buying multiple tickets and wish to attend different masterclasses than your fellow ticketholders, please note that you will be required to build these different selections as separate packages before proceeding to the checkout to pay for the full order.

Furthermore please note that masterclasses cannot be purchased without including a ticket to Spirit of Toronto as part of your package.

For example…

Buying tickets to the show for yourself and a friend, but planning on attending different masterclasses? Purchase your tickets as follows…

Select the following as Package #1 and and click ‘Continue’:

6:30PM-Spirit of Toronto 2016 5:30PM-Early Admission: Dewar’s Fine Whisky Emporium 7:00PM-Old Pulteney, A Maritime Malt

You will then be prompted for the number of tickets being purchased for Package #1, after which you may either “Go to Cart” to pay for your purchase, or “Build Another Package” to select a different grouping of masterclasses as Package #2:

6:30PM-Spirit of Toronto 2016 5:30PM-Early Admission: A Kentucky Derby Social 8:30PM-Legends of Bourbon

When finished building all your packages you may now select ‘Go to Cart’ to review your order and proceed to the checkout page.

There’s always standby…

Didn’t get the classes you wanted? Not much of a planner? There may still be hope: any empty seats courtesy of no-shows will be assigned to those waiting on standby. Note that this only applies to the classes at 7pm and 8:30pm; please review the About section of the website for more details.

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