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AA Cadenhead


Hi everyone, this is a just a quick email to say sorry…with all the excitment of our upcomming 21st Anniversary we gave you conflicting dates in yesterdays email. We are in fact celebrating our 21st Anniversary on Friday 6th May 2016, and to mark this milestone we have a special draw taking place on the evening of May 6th at around 7:30PM. The evening starts at 4:00PM and will finish at around 7:45 to 8:00PM with an open night tasting event that is totally free to all those who wish to attend.


Entry to the prize draw is still from the moment you received yesterdays newsletter until 6:30PM on May 5th 2016, anyone who buys either on-line or in the shop will be entered automatically. If you buy several times during the period we will keep adding you to the draw. The draw will be done by someone attending the tasting at 7:30PM and the prizes are as follows…

Winners within the UK will have their prize posted the following Monday, if you live outside the UK we can hold the bottles to one side for you or arrange posting to a UK address.

1st Prize

A 31 year old Caol Ila worth £175.50 (Yes that special London edition)

2nd Prize

A Bottle of Miltonduff 20 worth £89.90 (London Special Edition)

3rd Prize

6 spaces for a private whisky tasting for the winner and friends with myself (Ok the booby prize) you can choose an evening or Saturday daytime slot to force me into the tasting!

For those who missed yesterdays email, heres a quick reminder of the top 10 limited lines that I think you should consider as we head into those long days and short night’s…

No 1 Creations Vatted Grain 26 year old 57.7% This dram is so creamy smooth yet nicely complex. With a fantastic price point of £64.30. One the point of grains I can’t say it enough but they are all rather amazing if you enjoy the smooth range of tastes, well worth digging into the web site to check out the range. View Now

No 2 Tullibardine 22 Small Batch 47.3% Yes the one that scored high on whisky fun. with it’s spiced flavours balanced out with shortbread and clotted cream. £72.20 View Now

No 3 Glenallachie 22 48% Small Batch. One of the under the radar vintages we have used on the tasting room to show people who think all speysides are the same. Yes it’s very smooth but it’s also refreshing making it a No1 for those who like to sit and relax with friends after dinner as they dig into some amazing artisan chocolates (Or is that just me?) £66.80 View Now

No 4 Auchroisk 27 48.6% Authentic collection 258 bottles in the world Always a favourite in my own house simply because it’s so smooth and so very rich. I should re-think about telling you about this dram. Why let the secret out!!£108.00 View Now

No6 Back to Whisky with our private corporate event tastings top dram, Girvan 26 56.6% Authentic collection. We did this as a special tasting for a rather large group of whisky fans holding a gathering on the Greenwich exhibition site this season, to our surprise 90% of those attending selected this exceptional smooth dram as the No 1 beating even old Islay’s. £83.90 View Now

No 7 Off to Islay with a lighter style dram from the dark Isle Bruichladdich 22 48.9% 228 bottles in the world. It’s another great example of the old style Bruichladdich that people love so much, soft coastal notes with just a hint of sweet smoke. £79.95 View Now

No 8 is one of 2 Campbeltown drams this one is Hazelburn 12 46% Sherry cask matured. This wee dram will soon be a thing of the past as we head towards the end of 2016 it will become unavailable to order. The rich nose of dark fruits with the long dry yet smooth palate deliver a stunning dram. £49.90 View Now

No 9 Almost at the end now! This one is Mortlach 26 56.1% What can one say about this distillery that’s not been said before. The malt from this great distillery has never been anything but superb when we come to the Cadenhead be it the 8 year old we had back in the 1990’s in Covent garden (Anyone remember that?) to this delightful 26 year old. I managed to grab a few extra cases for the web shop in the hope it will stick around for a few weeks more also with a slight reduction on the price now at £108 View Now

No 10 the one and only Springbank 15 year old 100% sherry cask possibly the best malt in the world in my book anyway. It’s running short so if you want a bottle best grab it soon or wait until August/September when it comes back again. £54.90 View Now

It’s not easy selecting a top 10 at anytime simply because it’s all down to personal taste, the selection above is a little different as it’s based on customer feedback mainly following tastings and of course what they purchased after the tasting, the top buy was Springbank 15

See you in the Spring!

Stephen W.

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