Compass Box Whisky “Please Support Our Campaign For Greater Age Transparency in Scotch Whisky.”


Please support our campaign for greater age transparency in Scotch whisky.

Since launching Compass Box we have always tried to be as open with our customers as possible. However, late last year we were informed that the way we’ve been communicating the age of the components in our whiskies is illegal. By offering complete transparency around the age of every whisky we use, we have been breaking UK and EU Regulations governing the marketing and promotion of spirits.

It turns out that Scotch whisky is one of the few products where it is prohibited by law to be fully open and honest with consumers. We believe that Scotch whisky producers should have the freedom to offer their customers complete, unbiased and clear information on the age of every component used in their whiskies. That those customers have the right to know exactly what it is they’re drinking.

For these reasons, we’re launching a campaign today to change the current regulations – and we’re asking for your support. Please visit our website, read our proposed amends and – if you agree with our thinking – sign our Statement of Beliefs. Your support will help lobby UK and EU authorities to change the current regulations for the better.

With thanks,

Whiskymaker John Glaser



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