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AA Cadenheads


  • New look 21 year old due April/May 2016
  • New 18 year old due August 2016
  • New 25 year old limited edition due October 2016
  • New Longrow 18 Sherry cask April/May 2016
  • Kilkerran 12 year old This lays to rest the old WIP’s (Work In Progress) along with new packing and label. Due August 2016

So as you can see 2016 is going to be busy at Springbank & Glengyle (Kilkerran) Distilleries


Just to give you a head’s up, the next Cadenhead release will happen in February with the new Authentic collection. As soon as we have finalised the release we will let you know. hat I can tell you is we have some amazing vintages from Speyside the highlands and some great Islay’s.

Cadenhead’s club members can arrange for us to ship club bottles with any orders placed. They are all in the stores now.


We are still in test mode for the new Web site so expect a few changes very soon.

The Highland Park 25 sold like hot cakes (No Shock I guess) We still have a few customers with hold bottles on one-side, you will need to contact us with-in 7 days otherwise we will have to release them for sale as they are now causing a backlog in the hold area of the stock rooms on all floors of the shop. Once they are paid for we can place them into our main hold area for safe keeping until you can come in or arrange for us to ship to you in the UK.

Finally we have to thank all those customers who put up with the disruption to the store during the renovation work that was being carried out this month.

While we still have a few bits to do it will thankfully be less disruptive to the customers coming into the store indeed you wont notice a thing only me looking a bit shabby as i am up and down ladders dusting and cleaning! Don’t worry i am not going to look like Bob the builder just a little less polished!!

Anyway that’s it for me i am sat in my Garden at 2AM on a January evening finishing off this quick newsletter and working on the next big one! (I must be mad!!)

All the best Stephen W

Cadenhead’s Whisky Shop & Tasting Room
26 Chiltern Street

Tel: 020 7935 6999

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