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Below we have the complete list of the forthcoming Authentic collection single cask malts from Cadenhead’s. Once available we will send you the newsletters for the releases due over 2 weeks around the mid to late period of the month.

This season has a whole range of tastes and flavours to cover most palates with a few stunning double cask matured vintages.

Before we start you off on the selection we have a few drams from distilleries we have had a short break from, including Braes of Glenlivet and The Speyside Distillery.

Some of you will know all about the most famous distilleries but one or two distilleries might have missed peoples attention one such is the Speyside distillery.

The distillery was built between 1962 and 1987 by hand.

The builder was a Mr Alex Fairlie who was asked by the founder Mr George christie to build the distillery, Mr Fairlie was a drystone wall builder who’s passion in his craft shines through the fabric of the distillery building. Who knows this might have inspired the craft that has gone into the distilled spirit that is a sheer delight for Speyside malt fans.

The first time I tasted Speyside whisky was way back in the 1990’s from my recall it was 8 years old with an ABV of 67.8% Vol, even at that ABV it was amazingly smooth rich and complex, it did not need water just time to open.

This season we have a rather exceptional 24 year old 53.3% Vol again no additional water is required just time to open up and breath, sit back relax and let the world go by with this dram in hand.

Another dram I think you might like if smooth malts are your thing will be the new Fettercairn1993 22yo 53.7%. Sherry cask.

It’s not fully matured for 22 years in a sherry cask it’s part matured in ex-bourbon cask until May 2006 until bottled in October 2015. This is a perfectly balanced vintage with enough of the sherry cask to give the malt a hint of fruit cake and some vanilla like notes from the bourbon cask.

For the fan’s of the Potty peaty variety then head to the new Bowmore cask tasting notes for a Burgundy cask matured vintage along with a nice Caol Ila that will set the tastebuds off nicely and a rather stunning Bunnahabhain.

We also have some rather stunning wine cask vintages to add that little extra diversity this season to the range.


Now to the releases…

Ben Nevis Distillery 1998 16y/o 51.2%

Nose: Olive oil, green apples and freshly baked bread. Sesame seeds and maple syrup. Taste: Whole pineapples, white pepper and some grassy notes and then mango and pears. Finish: Big chewy oily finish. Quite industrial but becoming fresher with some gooseberries and custard creams

Bowmore Distillery 2003 12y/o 58.1% – Burgundy since October 2011

Nose: Medicinal with sandlewood; slightly farmyard like with soft smoked notes. Taste: Cedarwood with dry ash and soft smoked fish notes with some creamy highlights along with apricots and smoked cheese. Finish: Smoked mackerel pate with peaches and mango. Extremely long drying finish.

Braes of Glenlivet Distillery 1997 18y/o 53.1%

Nose: Strawberry milkshake, cookie dough and a soft flinty note. Taste: Grassy and floral with kiwi fruits and banana bread. Finish: Grapes, icing sugar and lemon drizzle cake. Very refreshing.

Bunnahabhain Distillery 1997 17y/o 57.5%

Nose: Very grassy with damp peat bricks and very oily. Faint dry smoke with a slight meaty aroma. Taste: Much dirtier than the nose suggests. Wet wood smoke, dunnage warehouses , nutmeg and unripe pears. Finish: Long and oily with hints of smoke, avocado and pineapple chunks.

Caol Ila Distillery 1995 20y/o 57.7%

Nose: Sweet and creamy. Lots of vanilla with soft fresh smoke. Taste: Light smokiness mixing with honey, almonds, kiwis and a dry earthiness. Finish: Smokiness builds in the finish along with double cream and lots of fresh vanilla notes. Classic Coal Ila.

Craigellachie-Glenlivet Distillery 1994 21y/o 53.1% – Sauterne since February 2006

Nose: Initially musty, then becoming much sweeter with some oily grassy notes. Liquorice and redcurrant. Taste: Quite heavy; walnuts, dried bananas and pickles. Finish: Very sweet and oily on the finish.

Fettercairn Distillery 1993 22y/o 53.7% – Sherry since May 2008

Nose: Toasted marshmallows, marmalade, treacle toffee and pear drops. Taste: Caramelised red onion, creme brûlée; sultana cake with a hint of rock salt. Finish: More sherry notes in the finish, interacting with carrot cake and shortbread.

Glen Grant-Glenlivet Distillery 1995 20y/o 57.5%

Nose: Raspberries, lychee and blueberries. Hints of pastry along with brandy snaps and cinnamon powder. Taste: Stewed fruits, and then some cut apples and unripe bananas along with white pepper and key lime pie. Finish: Apple pie with soft vanilla ice cream along with star anise and green apple skins.

Glen Keith-Glenlivet Distillery 1996 18y/o 54.1%

Nose: Very creamy with hints of gingerbread and orange zest. Blueberries and soft goats cheese. Taste: A little nuttiness with soft brown sugar. Hints of raisins along with caffe latte and growing zesty oranges. Finish: Mandarins, melted white chocolate and popping candy.

Glenrothes-Glenlivet Distillery 1994 21y/o 53%

Nose: Honey and melon, sweet lemon icing and a touch of aniseed. Taste: White chocolate with crystallised ginger; nutmeg and cinnamon sticks along with freshly mown grass. Finish: Touches of fennel seeds and then lime and lingering coconut flakes.

HazelburnTM distilled at Springbank Distillery Distillery 2001 13y/o 50.8%

Nose: Lemon zest, banana peel. Oily and grassy with a faint medicinal note. Taste: Very refreshing, slightly nutty with an earthy edge. Hints of melon, peaches and dried apricots. Finish: Creamy, with flashes of lime, vanilla and mandarins.

Mortlach Distillery 1988 26y/o 56.1%

Nose: Rich and meaty, cured meats. Quite floral with hints of geraniums and then some freshly squeezed apple juice. Taste: Dry sherry notes with chilli spice along with rhubarb, figs and coffee beans. Finish: Lots of golden syrup with growing black cherries with a hint of paprika.

Speyside Distillery 1991 24y/o 53.3%

Nose: Peaches and apricots. Clotted cream with butterscotch and lots of vanilla. Taste: Almost a touch of dry ash quickly replaced by honeycomb and soft salty notes along with more of the apricot from the nose. Finish: Lingering creamy fruitiness with a soft drying nuttiness.

Strathmill Distillery 1995 19y/o 55.1% – Chateau Lafitte since 2009

Nose: Initially creamy with strawberries and hints of balsamic vinegar. Syrup sponge with orange zest and slightly herbal. Sherbet. Taste: Mouth coating, with coconut, vanilla, orange blossom water with some darker fruits emerging. Finish: Orange oils , with almonds and some grassy notes. Short and fairly drying

Tamnavulin-Glenivet Distillery 1992 23y/o 55%

Nose: Soft malty notes along with nougat, chocolate powder and then fizzy cherry notes. Taste: Pear skins and lemongrass. Slightly dusty and then some notes of oak aged Chardonnay along with fresh chives and some delicate allspice. Finish: Medium length, quite grassy and herbal with melted salted butter.

North British Grain Distillery 1989 26y/o 58.4%

Nose: Sweet, lots of toffee shortbread along with maple syrup and buttermilk pancakes. Taste: Delicate spice mixed with toffee and spiced oak flavours. Honeycomb, milk chocolate and faint orange notes Finish: Orange notes grow in the finish once it gets past the big toffee and spice notes. Classic aged grain.


And finally we have a little something for the fans of rare demolished distilleries.

Caperdonich Distillery 1992 23y/o 56.4%

Nose: Sweet vanilla, green apples and over ripe bananas. Becoming more citrusy. Taste: Lime, pears and touch of spice initially. Honeycomb, runny toffee and chocolate covered marshmallows. Finish: Silky smooth, medium length with citrus and a hint of spice.

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