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What do you get when you mix two whisky enthusiasts that have a heart for charitable giving? You’d never guess so we shall tell you. A tour throughout all Scotland visiting every single malt producing distillery in the space of one month! A feat never attempted before or certainly not the way these two chaps are attempting it. The Whisky Warehouse Limited owners Mike Little and William Morin shall set off from Kirkwall in Orkney on June 30th for a 3000 mile journey ending at Gretna Green with every mile upon two 50cc scooters! The only support being provided by a man in a van and the gents shall be camping throughout the journey.

The question is why? Very simply Mike and William chose the ‘The Cystic Fibrosis Trust’ as their adopted charity through which their spirits retail business supports but they felt strongly that they could achieve so much more. ‘My cousin Nicole has suffered from this horrific disease from birth and I have always looked to do something meaningful for the charity but have never found the perfect option until now’ William says. Each distillery who join in with the tour have agreed to donate a bottle of their whisky signed by their managers which will go to a one off online auction which is being hosted by Mctear’s Auctioneers Glasgow. Visiting over 100 distilleries in such a short space of time seems impossible but both Mike and William believe they can do them all with time to spare! Every distillery will be visited during this historic event even with just a quick photograph for social media as we intend this record has been submitted to the Guinness World Records say’s Mike.

The spirited duo have approached every distillery in the country to support the venture and have so far had 62 pledge to donate a bottle. ‘We’ve got most onboard now but still waiting to hear an answer from a few more including Diageo if their brands can support this but we’re confident some will join in’ Says Mike. The boys aim to raise a minimum of £50,000 for the charity which supports over 10,000 Cystic Fibrosis patients in the uk and their families. The money raised will go towards the much needed research to beat the disease which results in those diagnosed with a much shorter life expectancy than those with a normal life.

Supporting the tour couldn’t be easier! Simply contact either Mike or William using the details underneath. Their Go Fund Me link is also below. The business has put up half of the costs to achieve the journey with the hope to raise the remaining £3000. You can follow the boys throughout their journey on their Twitter and Facebook pages, plus they will be uploading numerous video logs on YouTube with various tours of the distilleries and interviews with distillery managers. 

Mike Little: 07703804663

William Morin: 07547882197

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