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May’s Outturn caused quite a frenzy, with many of you snapping up our juicy, new single casks double-fast. With many bottles now sold out, we’ve put together some top-picks that are sure to give you a taste of summer.

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Light & delicate

26.110 Breakfast reverie £50.40

Fruit salad (banana, cherry, peach, guava) sprinkled with brown sugar, morning rolls, cornflakes, even bacon – all served on polished wood with flowers nearby – and a soft leather handbag too.

10yo, First-fill ex-bourbon barrel

Spicy & dry

36.85 Vitality balanced by maturity £87.20

Lots of fruit (Polo fruits, Jolly Ranchers, Chewits); some of it sweet and sour (lemon, lime, pineapple, sherbet, Tangfastics, rhubarb crumble) but all that bright attractiveness was balanced by cedar, pine, gingerbread, leather and light tobacco.

23yo, Second-fill ex-bourbon hogshead

Old & dignified

G7.8 Sweet seduction in a car wash £103.70

Polished leather and wood, chamois cloths, wax and T-cut – but sweetness rewarded their labours – marmalade on toast, caramel sauce, dark toffee, raisins, Demerara and Danish pastries – fruit salad, peppercorns and pine lent complexity

30yo single cask grain, Refill ex-bourbon hogshead

Juicy, oak & vanilla

46.31 Sniffing a bee’s knees £82.20

Toffee, caramel, Flumps, Tunnock’s Snowballs and carrot cake, but far from one-dimensional – it also had hessian, coconut, macadamias and insinuations of citrus.

22yo, Refill ex-bourbon hogshead

Lightly peated

3.223 Sweet, floral, perfumed smoke £101.60

Light peat smoke, stony beaches, balsa wood, first aid boxes, lavender soap and flowers on a bonfire; plus some sweeter aspects of cup-cakes, pineapple turnover and jelly beans.

24yo, Refill ex-bourbon hogshead

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