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Nothing sells faster at K&L than a new Ardbeg whisky release. We’ve been peppered with phone calls, emails, and questions for the past month about the release of the new Perpetuum, and we’re happy to tell you it’s finally here! We’ve been solid partners with Ardbeg for the last decade, which means we always have a healthy supply of their special editions, but unfortunately never enough to meet demand.

AA Ardbeg_Perpetuum

Ardbeg “Perpetuum” Limited Edition Single Malt Whisky 750ml ($99.99)

The 2015 limited edition Ardbeg release is here, and from what we’ve heard, Dr. Bill Lumsden dug deep into Ardbeg’s remaining stocks of past projects and blended some of them with younger stocks of future projects to create a whisky showcasing both old and new single malt whiskies. Here are the notes from Ardbeg: “The past, present, and future in a glass. Classic notes of Ardbeg’s yesteryear on the nose as mellow, rich, and enticing Ardbeggian flavors mingle with dark chocolate, treacle, and nutty oak. Then, like standing on Ardbeg’s pier this morning, water brings forth briny sea-spray with a pine resin lime top note for a remarkably fresh bouquet. On the palate, robust peat smoke and savory smoky bacon meet creamy sweet vanilla, milk chocolate with the hint of sherry casks, culminating in a taste of the future…and aftertaste that is never ending.” VERY LIMITED.

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