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Welcome to the dark-side. April’s Outturn brings 14 velvety, single cask treats with a naughty, spicy kick in time for Easter. Continuing our Spritzich Whisky & Beer celebrations, we’ve matched a handful of them to a Panel-picked selection of darker style, chocolatey beers. Try these at home, or at our Members’ Rooms in Edinburgh, Leith and London. Happy days! #spritzich

Sweet, fruity & mellow

85.29 Best of the Med £48.20

Spicy & sweet

123.14 Playful spices buzz the mouth £44.00

9.100 Coffee and cigarettes £48.40

35.128 A tropical tango of taste £42.80

41.64 Sharing, caring loving dram £129.00

Deep, rich & dried fruit

50.63 Boozy buccaneers! £101.60

72.43 Bunsen burner and burnt capacitors £43.60

73.69 Dark side eclipsed by sweet joys £79.80

Light & delicate

84.17 Fluffernutter £42.40

Juicy, oak & vanilla

46.30 Flowers and chocolates for Churchill £49.10

48.54 Milkshakes and medicine £43.80

Lightly peated

3.206 Dark and mysterious Exclusive to April offers

129.6 Peated Candy LOW AVAILABILITY! £76.00

Heavily peated

66.65 ‘Holy Smoke!’ £50.60

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