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AA Cadenheads

So far 2015 has been an amazing year

March 19th at the Waldorf Hotel London, Cadenhead’s received the Icons of whisky award for 2015. The award was for the Whisky retailer of the year 2015 multiple outlets, we also won an award for Longrow Red as best Campbeltown malt (More due later in the year) Our Stores in Scotland also won best retailer of the year in the Scottish retailer awards.

We would like to thank the team at Whisky Magazine for the award and for hosting an amazing evening for the whisky industry here in the UK and from around the world.

Our biggest thanks has to go to you our loyal customers who have helped us grow and develop the range over the years. Without you we would not still be trading 173 years after we opened the first whisky bottler & independent merchant shop in Aberdeen.

Cadenhead’s Whisky Shop & Tasting Room

26 Chiltern Street London W1U 7QF

Tel: 020 7935 6999

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