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Greetings Society Members,

I have some good news to lead you into the weekend….our first three releases of 2015 will be on sale from Monday of next week (2nd February) and are available to order NOW!

The first is the latest release of the popular Springbank 12 year old Cask Strength. This time it has been bottled at 53.2% ABV and is made up of 70% Sherry & 30% Bourbon casks. The price of this will remain at £47.00 per bottle and Society Members will receive their 10% discount on this product making it £42.30 for members.

Our tasting notes for the Springbank 12 year old Cask Strength are:

Nose: A range of aromas: Marmalade – Orange zest, zingy, honeycomb and highland toffee, hints of liquorice and mint chocolates. Let it breathe to reveal a true Springbank style. 

Palate: Very robust & mouth coating, subtle hints of white pepper. Grassy and zesty as the nose suggests. Perfect balance of sherry and then vanilla and oak flavours. 

Finish: Salted pretzels & peat. Cocoa – Dark chocolate and coffee beans. 

The second is a brand new release – our Springbank 17 year old Sherry Wood. This has been bottled at cask strength of 52.3% ABV, matured in 100% Sherry casks and there are 9,120 bottles available for worldwide distribution. The price of this will be £85.00 and Society Members will not receive any discount unfortunately.

Our tasting notes for the Springbank 17 year old Sherry Wood are:

Nose: A sherry explosion with winter fruits, spicy gingerbread and a hint of peat. 

Palate: A winter warmer. Dark orange chocolate, Christmas cake and brandy snaps. Honey and spices develop over time. 

Finish: The finish is long and smooth. Espresso coffee, liquorice, marzipan and sherry conclude the tickling of the taste buds. 

The final new release is the 2015 edition of the famous Springbank 21 year old. As usual, this will be bottled at 46% ABV with 3,600 bottles available for worldwide distribution. The cost of this will remain unchanged and will retail at £180.00 per bottle. Society Members will receive a slight discount of £10.00 per bottle and will be able to buy the Springbank 21 year old from us for £170.00. This is literally being bottled as I write to you so unfortunately we do not have any tasting notes yet but once they have been written up then I will post them in the Society blog on the Springbank Distillers website.

If you would like to order any of the above bottles from us then please let me know and I will get this arranged for you as soon as I can. You can either email or call me on +44 (0) 1586 55 2009.

Hope you all have a nice weekend!



Mairi Paterson

For the Springbank Society

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