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Late December Outturn Offerings 

Cask No. 53.200                             $155

A day at the beach


We found ourselves on the beach next to a fishing harbour and the boats are coming in landing their catch of scallops, crabs and langoustines. Aromas of fresh seaweed growing on the rocky shore and old overgrown wooden groynes are mingling with the harbour smells. The taste neat is like a ‘pick-me-up’, a sweet, salty and clean fresh sea breeze, oysters with Tobasco sauce and honey butter roasted scallops. With water warm like the engine room of a fish trawler or starting a barbeque at the end of a hot day.  The taste is now of slightly ashy toasted marshmallows, lightly salted macadamia chocolate and in the finish freshly cooked rhubarb with an agave syrup.

Drinking tip: In your beach duffle bag for a day at the seaside

Colour: Light olive oil

Cask: Refill butt

Age: 18 years

Date distilled: August 1995

Alcohol: 59.8%

USA allocation: 180 bottles

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Cask No. 9.84                         $200

Playing ‘Sea Battle’ in the garden

Speyside, Spey

One Panel member found himself on the gun deck of an old wood-hulled warship with smells of ash, gun powder and spent cartridge, whilst others, more peacefully, are turning earth in their herb garden. The taste is hot and fiery – the battleship is in action – or we take a break from gardening on a sunny afternoon and enjoy rye bread dipped in olive oil. With water we take a rest sitting in a wicker chair on a warm cedar decking surrounded by pots of sage and heather. The taste now juicy, warm and pleasant like waffles with runny vanilla custard.

Drinking tip: Somehow obvious; whilst playing ‘Sea Battle’

Colour: Pirate’s golden earring

Cask: Refill butt

Age: 25 years

Date distilled: April 1988

Alcohol: 55.6%

USA allocation: 180 bottles

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Cask No. 36.67                       $100

Intensely tasty

Speyside, Spey

A good example of whisky transformed by water – we didn’t know what to make of the nose – quite fruity (baked apple, fruit salad, watermelon, lemon curd, pear-drops) with an odd assortment of other aromas – Hawaiian pizza (pineapple, ham, pizza dough) pine forests and model kits. With water, suddenly the sweetness was released – caramel wafers, honeycomb crunch ice-cream and vanilla fudge. The unreduced palate seemed sweet and sour – pineapple dusted with chilli and salt, peppery Cream Soda and a slightly metallic finish – but water settled it down to zesty key lime pie and biscuity flavours – intensely tasty. Named after Speyside’s biggest mountain.

Drinking tip: As an aperitif or to awaken the senses

Colour: Fake gold

Cask: First-fill barrel

Age: 9 years

Date distilled: June 2004

Alcohol: 59.9%

USA allocation: 90 bottles

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Cask No. 121.73                     $135

A layered sponge fruit cake

Highland, Island

Rounded and fruity: apple skin, orange zest and mandarin, with vanilla sponge and later apricot jam tarts, treacle scone, Garibaldi biscuits, toffee-flavoured bagels and  ‘toast with blackcurrant jam’. Smooth, rich  and sweet, the taste replicates the nose well, adding orange syrup, the orange and almond sponge. Water brings waxy pastry and scones, then Jaffa orange (without chocolate) and orange marmalade; slightly tart, but with a trace of butterscotch and ‘sweet black tea in a tool shed’. Smooth texture and fruity taste; Turkish Delight, Elizabeth Shaw orange chocolate, maple syrup and a hint of lavender  and chocolate-dipped strawberry in the finish.

Drinking tip: Tea-time treat

Colour: Peach gold

Cask: Refill hogshead

Age: 14 years

Date Distilled: December 1999

Alcohol: 55.6%

USA allocation: 150 bottles

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Cask No. G3.8                        $185

Eccentric and Exotic


The panel found eucalyptus, earth, perfumed tobacco and hessian. Aromas of ripe nectarine and peach soaked in orange liqueur mingled with coriander. The flavours found were of figs rolls, dates and honey on a toasted crumpet with more damp sackcloth and a curious hint of celery. Water yielded more curiosities of hot dogs with tomato sauce, Benedictine liqueur and sauerkraut. The aromas of linen sheets fresh from the tumble drier had the panel raising collective eyebrows. The mouthfeel was rich with coffee and Fishermans Friends with a lick of balsa wood to disarm you completely. Very unusual and spectacularly different.

Drinking tip: For discussion and debate   Colour: Tarnished gold Cask: Refill hogshead Age: 35 years Date distilled: May 1979 Alcohol: 53.9% USA allocation: 84 bottles

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