Jolly Toper Tasting January 8th at The Kilderkin, Edinburgh – Scotch Whisky News


Thursday 8th January The Kilderkin, Royal Mile 7:30pm £25 or £28 for non-members:-

Macallan-Glenlivet 25yo Cadenheads 1989 – 10/14 Bourbon barrel 156 bottles 51.4%
– for a while it was quite unusual to find a non-sherry cask Macallan but not no more, still, as the No.1 branded malt a dram at this age is not usually affordable so taking the chance to see what the fuss is about might not be a bad idea even if there isn’t any of the the Spanish accent.

Arran bottled for The Glasgow Whisky Club Sherry hogshead 2001/098 13yo 28/05/01 – 06/11/14 336 bottles 54.7%
– for me Arran punches above its weight and is a good example of how important it is in business to have a clearly defined destination and a solid and realistic plan of how to get there. The fact that GWC were able to choose this type of quality doesn’t surprise.

Littlemill 21yo Batch 2 47.2% (I think that’s roughly the strength anyway)
– maybe not quite as good as some of the recent IB bottlings but still very nice and way better than the low points of the distillery’s past reputation. Now is a good time to try closed distilleries – the prices are only going up and as fewer casks exist surely the chances of good bottlings will become less likely.

Big Peat Christmas Special Islay blended malt 55.7%
– a customer let me taste this and I was impressed plus there doesn’t seem to be so many good and affordable peaty drams at the moment, just like sherry monsters seemed to have been all but hunted into extinction.

A mystery dram
– the usual fun will be had trying to guess whisky type/age/strength/price. Cruel I know but whatyagonnado?

The Jolly Toper Himself

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