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Whisky Live Boston

This Friday, October 24th 5:30 P.M. – 10:00

at The State Room, 60 State Street, Boston 33rd Floor

Whisky Live is coming back to Boston! There’s simply no better way to taste vertical line-ups from a range of your favorite distilleries. Such an opportunity provides a much deeper understanding and is an invaluable education for whisky enthusiasts of every level of experience. Distilleries from the very large to the quaintly small will be represented alongside independent bottlers and other niche products. 200 whiskies including more craft than ever. It’s this Friday. You won’t have to work in the morning! The show is on the opposite corner of the intersection from Federal (we’re open 9-7 that day) at 60 State Street on the 33rd floor.



Use the discount code “federal14” for 20% off the ticket price

Joe Howell

Federal Wine & Spirits

Email: info@federalwine.com

Phone: (617) 367-8605

Web: http://www.federalwine.com/

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