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Kilchoman single malt Scotch and the inn's Scotch pine

Wyoming gets its own Kilchoman 

Atlantic City, Wyo. – For the first time in its seventy-odd year history the Wyoming Liquor Division has purchased the contents of a cask of single malt Scotch whisky.

ImpEx Beverages, USA importer of Kilchoman, had their Wyoming representative deliver samples of whiskies to Miner’s Delight Inn Bed & Breakfast in February 2014. Innkeepers Barbara and Bob Townsend tasted the samples and from them picked Kilchoman bourbon cask #370 as the one for Wyoming. Then it was over to the folks at the Wyoming Liquor Division, ImpEx Beverages, and the Kilchoman Distillery to seal the deal.

Bourbon cask #370 had been filled at Kilchoman Distillery on 31 July 2008. The distillery bottled its contents—245 bottles at 59.8%–for Wyoming on 4 July 2014. Like all Kilchoman whiskies the color is natural and it wasn’t chill filtered. The whisky arrived at the liquor division’s Cheyenne warehouse on September 16, 2014, and Miner’s Delight Inn received its first shipment two days later. It’s available for $95 a bottle.

Bob and friend of the inn John Mionczynski compiled the following notes (John’s a wildlife biologist):

On the eyes: pale gold, the gold of fall’s willows

On the nose: Rich. Brown sugar. Orange pulp and faint spices (cinnamon?), then pears. Fungoid richness—like when you turn over a natural forest compost. Goji berry (wolf berry) from the Himalayas. Balsam fir—almost X-mas tree when boiled. Mouth watering and surprisingly little alcohol sting. Graphite. Activates the vomeronasal organ (predates humans’ nasal smells, insects had it first, animals use it to select mates, associated with early childhood memories).

On the mouth: An orchard of red apples, a wee alcohol burn, and wood smoke. A lick of a pencil’s lead. Rich oiliness and a bit of tar. Pears and oranges. Cloves, cinnamon, and allspice. A bit of soft, black licorice. Cascara shrub in a bottle (from the Pacific Northwest and Yellowstone National Park).

On the finish: Orange pulp. A lingering whiff of smoke. Soft hints of orchard fruits, especially an apple’s faint sweetness. The spices. Stays with you. Prolonged.

Consider this whisky… When you’re patiently lost in deep, contemplative thought on a dark, frigid night.

Ore cars hold liquid gold & ore at Miner's Delight Inn

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