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In the warm waters of the Caribbean, an opulent, cargo-laden galleon is under attack by pirates: aromas of ginger, nutmeg and chocolate blend with musket smoke and gunpowder borne on a salty sea breeze. While evoking a sun-drenched scene, we’re aware that autumn is just around the corner bringing a whole new harvest of flavours from field and forest: could one of these warming bottlings be a mouth-watering match to autumnal fare? Be the first to get the juices flowing with September’s early releases…

Spicy & sweet

2.88 Cinderella weeping over matchmakers

Rich fruit cake, black bun, ginger snaps and matchmakers with oak and vanilla. The palate showers the mouth with muscovado, dark chocolate and treacle…

20yo; Refill ex-bourbon hogshead

BUY £80.50

Lightly peated

3.225 Galleon attacked by pirates

Cigars, fruits, spices, coffee, smoke, charred wood, sea-spray, tarry rope and gunpowder suggest a pirate attack. The taste is rich and dark…

16yo; Refill ex-sherry butt

BUY £60.00

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