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The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show 2014 – bigger and better! – Scotch Whisky News

Whisky Exchange Header

The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show 2014 – bigger and better!

Queue for The Whisky Show 2013


There’s less than two weeks to go (actually a lot sooner! – WI), and we’re almost there. The office is buzzing with talk of The Whisky Show, and we can’t wait to welcome you all there.

Since joining TWE last year, my main focus has been making the Whisky Show bigger and better than before. Having seen it grow and improve over the past five years, this seemed like quite the challenge, but I feel confident that you’ll enjoy the new features of the Show.

With even more whisky than ever, we decided to provide you with an extra hour per day to enjoy the Show (11.30am-6.30pm). Hopefully this will give you the chance to speak to everyone that you want to and let you enjoy the day in a relaxed manner rather than rushing around. There’s a lot going on once again, so plan your time well.

For those of you that attended the 2010 Show, you may recall that we displayed a bottle of Dalmore Trinitas 64 shortly after its release. This year, everyone attending will be in with a chance of winning one 10ml vial of this exceptionally rare whisky – you lucky, lucky people!

If you see me at the Show, stop and say hello. After all, without you being there, it wouldn’t be the biggest whisky show in the UK!

 Colin Dunn

Diageo whisky ambassador Colin Dunn


As my first Whisky Show as an employee rather than punter, I will be in charge of our film crew. We’re keen to capture the feel of the Show, so we’ll be shooting Masterclasses, seeing what’s happening in the cocktail bar and getting up close and personal with the big names.

We’re also keen to talk to you about the Show, so if the camera comes your way, don’t be shy – we’d love to hear your thoughts. Keep an eye out for some Scorsese-esque footage on The Whisky Show website later in the year.

The theme of this year’s Show is The Art of Distillation, so we’ve done the obvious thing and created a fully working whisky distillery. We’ll be taking visitors through the whole process, from turning barley, mashing, fermenting, and distilling. We’ve also got the cream of the whisky-writing crop, including Dave Broom, Ian Buxton and Ingvar Ronde, who will be signing books and chatting to guests.

As Andy said, the Show is better than ever – we’re sure you’ll agree.

 Simply Whisky's Whisky World of Wonder – a hit last year

Simply Whisky’s Whisky World of Wonder – a hit last year


I’ll be running the Masterclasses, and we have a stellar line-up. We’ve managed to find five spaces for our headline Saturday classes – extra tickets for Glenfiddich – The First Single Malt Brand and Gordon & MacPhail: A New Generation will go on sale on Wednesday 1 October at 1pm. Sunday’s Brora flight tasting, Aurora Brorealis, is sadly sold out, but there are a few places left on Dave Broom’s  I Did It My Way, a history of independent bottlings with a jaw-dropping line-up of whiskies to taste.

Tickets are also still available for From the Port to the Port Finish, offering a taste of two sold-out whiskies – Kilchoman Port Cask and Laphroaig’s Cairdeas 2013. We have presenters from outside the whisky industry: Danton Supple, record producer for (among others) Natalie Imbruglia and Toploader, will add a musical feel to The Sound of Aberlour; rum ambassador Stefanie Holt will bring a taste of the Caribbean in Whisky vs Rum; and Rococo guru Sam Smallman will be pairing Whisky and Chocolate.

As well as signing their new books during the weekend, whisky writers Dave Broom and Ian Buxton will be talking about their new books in What is Whisky? and Whisky Legends respectively, with guests of the latter receiving a copy of Ian’s 101 Legendary Whiskies.

All the classes – including the free mini-masterclasses – promise to be entertaining, with exceptional whiskies and, just as importantly, allow you to take the weight off your feet.

 Some of last year's show bottlings

Some of last year’s show bottlings


I’ll be taking my now-traditional place behind the Show Bottlings stand, talking and pouring whisky. The stand will be full this year, with the special Show bottlings joined by the latest Single Malts of Scotland releases and a new Masterpiece. Full details will be available in the dram list, which is being finalised at the moment and will be up on the Whisky Show website next week, but here’s a quick rundown: a Benriach, a Glen Spey, a Teaninich, a Clynelish, a Laphroaig, two Bunnahabhains, two Bowmores and a Caol Ila.

Next door to the Show Bottlings stand, we’ll have the Japanese whisky stand, with the new Karuizawas that we announced last week on the Show website, as well as some Chichibu and Hanyu – yes, that will include the long-awaited Hanyu Joker.

It looks like we’ll have around 500 whiskies from around the world at the Show this year. I’d recommend trying the Ardbeg Supernova 2014 as early as possible – while they’ll have a magnum, I suspect it won’t last the weekend. A few of my other picks would be Port Askaig 15, the TWE exclusive Balblair 2000 first-fill sherry cask, the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, the new Longrow Red, Octomore’s new Islay Barley, and Compass Box’s just launched Lost Blend and the new Great King Street Glasgow Edition.

Most importantly, make sure you come and say hello to me. I’m the bald one with a beard, if that helps…

Scotch Malt Whisky Society Events “SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER EVENTS” – Scotch Whisky News



New Members Tasting, 19 Greville St, London – Tue 30 Sept
Oktoberfest at The Vaults, The Vaults, Leith – Thu 2 Oct –  A jam-packed evening of beer, whisky and traditional game and harvest dishes, hosted by our very own Bavarian Whisky Ambassador – don’t miss out!
New List Open Tasting, 19 Greville St, London – Sat 4 Oct 
Steak & Whisky Tasting, 19 Greville St, London – Mon 6 Oct
Speyside Whisky Tasting, 19 Greville St, London – Tue 14 Oct
Japanese Branch Special Tasting, 28 Queen St, Edinburgh – Thu 16 Oct

Browse all events

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, The Vaults, 87 Giles Street, Leith EH6 6BZ Contact: or call 0131 555 2929 (Mon-Fri 9am-4.45pm). Visit the Society at here for membership information This is your chance to join and to take advantage of their great offers!

Spot the SMWS bottles in this amusing You Tube video


MCLEANSCOTLAND “A slight detour into Scotland” – Scotch Whisky News

Anders and Ross

A slight detour into Scotland by Anders Malmsten, Finland

August….what is August good for? Asking myself that question and also coming up with a very good answer, why not go to Scotland. Why, yes please. So, five days in and around Perth sounded like a good idea. And I also would get the chance to help making my own cask at Strathearn distillery.

Day 1 Flying from Helsinki via Amsterdam onwards to Edinburgh. I had to wake up at an unearthly hour as my flight left Helsinki 7:00AM. Well, the positive side was that I would be in Edinburgh already at 10:30AM so time to explore. At the airport I got a brand new Yaris as the rental car and off I went scared completely witless as it was the first time I was driving on the left side of the road (Yes, it is the wrong side). And as a bonus some traffic designing moron had placed some very tricky roundabouts right outside the airport. Well, after the commotion, and changing underware once I finally got out on the highway, and next stop was the quaint little village of Glenfarg. Luggage to the room and off I went again. Had to drive to St Andrews to see the nice town with the old cathedral and castle/monastery thingie, and the on the way back I took a detour to Lindores Abbey to see the place where it all started. Legends(read: Wikipedia) say that the monks there were the first ones to make whisky in Scotland. Who am I to argue with legends? Then back to the hotel pub for a nice evening with local people who were very friendly.

Day 2 Paul and Liz had promised to take me for a quick tour so I left early to Perth to pick up Paul and then off to leave my car at my temporary hotel. With Paul behind the steering wheel we headed towards Edradour. I went on their tour which included a couple of nice drams and a very nice walk around the compound. We also got to see the older barrels in their warehouse belonging to Signatory. There were old Glenlivets, Dallas Dhus and so on. Then picking up a bottle at the shop and lunchtime at a pub quite nearby called The Old Mill. Then we trundled onwards to Aberfeldy where I took the whatchamacallit tour where in the end you get to taste whisky from a cask. And then we still had some tasters at the bar, including the Bits of Strange and Unravel. Both were grand drams, so I had to make a quick decision which one to buy….and because I am strange I had to go for the Strange one J. In the evening there was still some tasting at Liz´s place. The Edradour Fairy Flag was one of the best ones we had that evening. Nice new expression from Edradour. 

AA strath day

Day 3 Thursday was the big day, as that was the day my cask was to be made at Strathearn Distillery. So, after the quite not so light dramming the night before, I oozed down for a quick breakfast and after filling up on bacon and other nutritious and healthy substances I was ready to tackle the challenges ahead. On my way to Strathearn I dropped Paul off at Perth and continued my sojourn alone. When I arrived at the distillery Tony Reeman-Clark had already started to fill the spirit still with the low wines. Tony then instructed me on the fine art of distilling, and then with the 10min crash course(including mandatory safety instructions like don’t touch the still, it is hot!) I was then ready to make whisky. After meticulously making sure that every last drop of juice was pumped into the still we fired up the steam. After approximately 30-40 minutes the excitement hit the roof as the first drops of new make spirit was trickling out from the condenser. This was the “heads” which contain methanol and other not so nice compounds so these were separated. After about 12 liters the heart of the run was starting to come out of the still. The way to measure this is quite interesting. You have a glass tube that you put some cold water into. Then you take a small sample of the distillate and if there is any impurities they show up as a zone of shady liquid in the middle of the tube. Also the alcohol content is measured constantly by having a hydrometer, a temperature gauge, and a big book of charts. Lots of moving bits in the process. The distillation took the whole day, as in the end after getting about 110 liters of new make, we still got a big tank of feints. That is the alcohol where the ABV is so low and containing impurities that it cannot be used. It is then used in the next distillation again. Then there was still the most fun part…filling the cask. So now I have a nice 50 liter cask maturing. That was a very nice and unique experience. So big thanks to Strathearn Distillery and Tony who arranged the day for me. As the hour was late, I started driving back to the hotel and after consulting my trusty gps I decided to take the scenic route. So over the hills and far away. And ye gods the roads were small and crooked. And the speed limit there is just insane. One car can safely navigate the road and then you are still allowed to do 90 km/h. No, I did not. After getting lost and after receiving help from a local I finally got back to the hotel. Mission accomplished!!! 

AA ando casks

Day 4 TGIF! Friday is always nice. Paul was coming with me again as the navigator. I am quite sure that he just wanted to sit and laugh as I tried my best to drive on the left side of the road. Anyhoo, we went over to Glengoyne for a quick visit as I enjoy their products (no, not only the fudge but the whisky also). No tour but just some shopping and idling at the distillery visitors center. Then we headed off to a very silly place. Silly as in Monty Python silly. Doune castle. The place they filmed The Holy Grail. So I got to stand outside and listen when imaginary French soldiers were taunting up on the parapet. “I fart in your general direction! Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries!”. After that humiliating defeat we went for lunch at a nice little pub in the countryside. And again, to my surprise in a small shed outside the pub was a grand real ale shop. Why do they hide that kind of awesome shop in a gardenshed??? Then we drove over to Deanston where we just planned on having a wee look and a coffee break. But alas, plans change as the visitor center manager walked by and recognized Paul. So we got an ex-tempore quick tour of the still house and the warehouse. Thank you Peter if you read this! On our way back to Perth we still went by Tullabardine for a shop and run at their visitors center. While not actually finding anything to buy there the nearby local grocery shop had a bottle of the Secret Stills series. Isle of Sky 1986, I wonder what is in the bottle J Saying goodbye to Paul I then drove back to Glenfarg for my final evening in Scotland this time. So I went to the pub as I always do.

AA his haul

Day 5 Step one, pack all the loot in the suitcase. Step two, ask the receptionist to break his back while trying to get the suitcase down two staircases. Step three, drive to the airport, leave the rental car and then check in to the flight and after that just wait. And wait. And after a quick one hour flight to Amsterdam wait for another 4 hours. Fortunately there are whisky shops at the airport so I kept myself entertained. To sum the trip up in one word: AWESOME!

Thank you Paul and Liz for a grand time. You are the greatest!

Wyoming Gets Its Own Kilchoman – Scotch Whisky News

Kilchoman single malt Scotch and the inn's Scotch pine

Wyoming gets its own Kilchoman 

Atlantic City, Wyo. – For the first time in its seventy-odd year history the Wyoming Liquor Division has purchased the contents of a cask of single malt Scotch whisky.

ImpEx Beverages, USA importer of Kilchoman, had their Wyoming representative deliver samples of whiskies to Miner’s Delight Inn Bed & Breakfast in February 2014. Innkeepers Barbara and Bob Townsend tasted the samples and from them picked Kilchoman bourbon cask #370 as the one for Wyoming. Then it was over to the folks at the Wyoming Liquor Division, ImpEx Beverages, and the Kilchoman Distillery to seal the deal.

Bourbon cask #370 had been filled at Kilchoman Distillery on 31 July 2008. The distillery bottled its contents—245 bottles at 59.8%–for Wyoming on 4 July 2014. Like all Kilchoman whiskies the color is natural and it wasn’t chill filtered. The whisky arrived at the liquor division’s Cheyenne warehouse on September 16, 2014, and Miner’s Delight Inn received its first shipment two days later. It’s available for $95 a bottle.

Bob and friend of the inn John Mionczynski compiled the following notes (John’s a wildlife biologist):

On the eyes: pale gold, the gold of fall’s willows

On the nose: Rich. Brown sugar. Orange pulp and faint spices (cinnamon?), then pears. Fungoid richness—like when you turn over a natural forest compost. Goji berry (wolf berry) from the Himalayas. Balsam fir—almost X-mas tree when boiled. Mouth watering and surprisingly little alcohol sting. Graphite. Activates the vomeronasal organ (predates humans’ nasal smells, insects had it first, animals use it to select mates, associated with early childhood memories).

On the mouth: An orchard of red apples, a wee alcohol burn, and wood smoke. A lick of a pencil’s lead. Rich oiliness and a bit of tar. Pears and oranges. Cloves, cinnamon, and allspice. A bit of soft, black licorice. Cascara shrub in a bottle (from the Pacific Northwest and Yellowstone National Park).

On the finish: Orange pulp. A lingering whiff of smoke. Soft hints of orchard fruits, especially an apple’s faint sweetness. The spices. Stays with you. Prolonged.

Consider this whisky… When you’re patiently lost in deep, contemplative thought on a dark, frigid night.

Ore cars hold liquid gold & ore at Miner's Delight Inn


 AA Striding Man for Pre Event Press Release

“Will today’s result be an omen for who will win The Ryder Cup? Only time will tell.”

– Golf pundit and former Ryder Cup captain, Colin Montgomerie 



European journalists enjoy narrow win over American counterparts at what could be an early predictor of this year’s result. 

Scotland, September 25

The European team are favourites to retain this year’s Ryder Cup if a media event held at Gleneagles yesterday is anything to go by. 

Inside the luxurious JOHNNIE WALKER® EXPERIENCE, a short walk from the PGA Centenary Course where the main action will take place this weekend, a team of European golf journalists sealed a two-shot victory over their American rivals at the exclusive JOHNNIE WALKER Mini Golf Course. 

Winning captain, golf pundit and former Ryder Cup captain, Colin Montgomerie said: “I was impressed with the efforts of both teams. I thought the Americans put up a great fight but some clinical putting saw us home on what were very tricky conditions. Will today’s result be an omen for who will win this weekend? Only time will tell.” 

JOHNNIE WALKER is an Official Partner of The Ryder Cup 2014 and created the JOHNNIE WALKER EXPERIENCE to celebrate the return of The Ryder Cup to Scotland after 41 years. The JOHNNIE WALKER Mini Golf Course consists of four holes (three Par 2s and a Par 5) inspired by the John Walker & Sons story. 

Fans of whisky and golf who are attending this year’s event can book a tee-off time at the JOHNNIE WALKER Mini Golf Course by signing up at Players will receive score-cards and make their way around the course, while discovering fascinating facts about the brand’s history, before enjoying a ‘Free Drop’ at the bar when they have completed their round. 

The JOHNNIE WALKER EXPERIENCE is an exclusive pop-up installation where players, media and guests can have fun and enjoy a sample of JOHNNIE & GINGER as the drama of The Ryder Cup unfolds a short walk away. 

It is part of a series of exciting activities by JOHNNIE WALKER including an ambitious plan to get 25,000 people to ‘Join the Pact’ during Ryder Cup week by challenging them to make a commitment to Never Drink and Drive. JOHNNIE WALKER Responsible Drinking Ambassador and two-time former F1 Champion Mika Häkkinen will lead the campaign and will be at the event to show his support and encourage fans to sign-up. 

Commenting on the outcome of the media event, Guy Escolme, Global Brand Director, JOHNNIE WALKER, said: “The Ryder Cup is one of the greatest occasions in the sporting calendar with a global television audience of over 500 million, but we won’t know until Sunday evening if what happened here has any bearing on the final result. ‘Paul The Octopus’ did pretty well in predicting results at the 2010 World Cup and who is to say events at the JOHNNIE WALKER Mini Golf Course won’t anticipate Sunday’s result? We’re excited to find out.” 

The four holes of the JOHNNIE WALKER Mini Golf Course are: The Grocery Store; The Four Corners; Scotland’s Finest Exports and Keep Walking

The Grocery Store is inspired by the brand’s founder, John Walker, who operated out of a grocery store in Kilmarnock in the 1800s, about 65 miles from Gleneagles. He imported rare and exotic flavours from around the world and it is thought that he used his tea blending skills to craft some of the first (and finest) blended whiskies in Scotland. The Four Corners tells the story of how JOHN WALKER & SONS crossed oceans and continents to export their whiskies from the four corners of Scotland to the four corners of the world. Scotland’s Finest Exports celebrates the fact that whisky and golf are two of Scotland’s greatest gifts to the world and Keep Walking references the Striding Man logo and the brand’s pioneering spirit. 

The JOHNNIE WALKER EXPERIENCE will be open to guests for the duration of The Ryder Cup 2014. 


About Diageo

Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol with an outstanding collection of brands across spirits, beer and wine categories.  These brands include Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, J&B, Buchanan’s, Windsor and Bushmills whiskies, Smirnoff, Cîroc and Ketel One vodkas, Captain Morgan, Baileys, Don Julio, Tanqueray and Guinness. 

Diageo is a global company, and our products are sold in more than 180 countries around the world.  The company is listed on both the London Stock Exchange (DGE) and the New York Stock Exchange (DEO).  For more information about Diageo, our people, our brands, and performance, visit us at  Visit Diageo’s global responsible drinking resource,, for information, initiatives, and ways to share best practice. 

Celebrating life, every day, everywhere.  

The JOHNNIE WALKER words, the Striding Figure device and associated logos are trademarks © John Walker & Sons 2014.

Maltstock “Whisky Heaven at Dornoch Castle” – Scotch Whisky News

Last weekend was the very successful 6th edition of Maltstock. A big thank you to all of you who made it happen again. This relaxed whisky weekend would not have been possible without the great help of our sponsors. One of them this year was the Dornoch Castle. Maltstock has stayed at the hotel earlier this year and highly recommends it! Great place, great staff, great food and the whisky bar… very relaxed! At Maltstock this year 3 lucky winners won some amazing Dornoch Castle prizes: free stays and a 100 pound bar credit!

For all of you who didn’t win or couldn’t attend maltstock this year, Phil and Simon from Dornoch Castle have this very special offer for you:

Are you after some exceptional Whisky? With somewhere to rest your head if you had one too many? Then Dornoch Castle Hotel is the perfect location with the one of the best Whisky bars in the World, right in the centre of Highland Whisky country. We specialise in old discontinued and very rare bottling and all bottles are priced and dated when opened and stored under Argon gas for perfect preservation, only the best for our visitors! With over 300 to try there is something for everyone!

As dedicated Whisky Geeks we know just what you want!

Our Whisky Bar is run by Simon and Phil Thompson, Whisky Enthusiasts, for Whisky Enthusiasts who know a thing or two about what a top dram of Whisky should really taste like!

Our Whisky is never less than excellent!

It might sound like we’re bragging, and I suppose we are, but we are only being honest! And here’s the proof! We are currently rated Number One Whisky Hotel in the World on and are Nominated for Scottish Field/SLTN whisky bar of the year.

Where better to bring your Whisky Club! So that’s why we have come up with these EXCLUSIVE offers especially for all Whisky Enthusiasts:

*20% room discount for a minimum of a two night stay
*30% room discount for 3 or more nights
*Parties of 10 and more receive one persons stay complementary ON TOP of the discounted rates

So come and experience something new!

If you want to find out some more info all you have to do is text ‘MORE WHISKY PLEASE’ to 0044(0)7849108246 Alternatively email Phil on or go to our Facebook page; whisky collector

Simon and Phil Thompson, whisky geeks extraordinaire will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and make your experience one to remember!


Simon and Phil Thompson
Dornoch Castle Hotel,
Dornoch, Sutherland IV25 3SD
Tel 0044(0)1862810216

Balvenie “Introducing Our Latest Tun” – Scotch Whisky News

A bottle of TUN 1509
– THE –
TUN 1509
Batch No. 1

Malt Master David Stewart is one of the most respected experts when it comes to marrying whisky casks. Following on from his highly regarded Tun 1401, comes Tun 1509. Larger than its predecessor, Tun 1509 allows David to select a wider range of component casks; 42, in fact, resulting in a remarkably complex expression.

Of the 42 selected casks, 35 are traditional American oak barrels and seven are European oak sherry butts – all from the distillery’s precious aged stocks. Among these casks are some of the finest The Balvenie has to offer. And all have been allowed to marry together and sit for several months in Warehouse 24 before bottling.

The result is an expression that is deep and rich on the nose with floral notes and clear hints of sweet vanilla and orange peel. It is velvety smooth to taste with distinct tangy citrus, mellow cinnamon spice and blossom honey overtones. In short, this is a truly exceptional expression.

Each bottle comes with a series of graphics representing the flavour profile of each cask.

To learn more about this extraordinary expression, click the link below.


Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible Bulk Orders – Whisky News

AA WB Bulk


The Ardmore Legacy Pack Shot


The Ardmore distillery has just launched The Ardmore Legacy, a lightly peated Highland single malt to be distributed by Maxxium UK.

The Ardmore Legacy continues the distillery’s history of producing the only traditionally peated Highland single malt whisky and will replace Ardmore Traditional Cask as its core expression. 

A lightly peated, sweet dram, The Ardmore Legacy offers the ideal introduction to peated single malts.  Combining notes of creamy vanilla, smoky charcoal, sweet honey and savoury spices with a pleasant smoky taste, The Ardmore Legacy is a full-bodied and smooth dram with the typical Ardmore dry, spicy and long-lasting finish. 

The expression also brings a new premium look for the brand with its eagle icon firmly at the heart of the packaging design.  The bottle label and outer tube feature a splendid copper foil eagle in full flight, acknowledging their rare golden eagle neighbours and representing an adherence to tradition.  The eye-catching monochrome backdrop encompasses a map design conveying the distillery’s Speyside location and heritage.

Peter Sandstrom, Marketing Director, Maxxium UK said: “This is an exciting new expression from The Ardmore offering an exceptional Highland single malt with broad appeal.  As the only traditionally peated Highland single malt, The Ardmore Legacy has real stand out.  It is ideal for whisky drinkers looking for something new and is also the perfect introduction for any whisky drinkers beginning their journey into peated malts.”

The eagle has long played a key role in the brand’s history with rare golden eagles often seen riding the thermals above the distillery.  The Ardmore supports these birds in partnership with the RSPB, most recently with the reintroduction of the white tailed eagle, a cousin of the golden eagle.

Distilled in Speyside, The Ardmore single malt has continued its traditional ways since the distillery was founded in 1898, combining traditional methods with the very best craftsmanship to produce award winning single malt whisky.

The Ardmore Legacy (RRP £29.99) will be available to purchase at Tesco and Morrisons as well as select specialist whisky retailers from the beginning of October.

The Ardmore Legacy

Colour: Light honey

Nose:    Heather Honey with hints of cinnamon and toffee bonbon. Very subtle hints of peat smoke

Palate:  Creamy vanilla spice gives way to more overt smoky charcoal notes, especially with the                 addition of water. Smoke doesn’t dominate and    is balanced by the sweet honey and spice            flavours

Finish:                 Full bodied, silky mouth feel with a (trademark Ardmore) dry, tangy and lingering aftertaste, coupled with delicious spice notes

 40% ABV.

Chill Filtered. 80% Peated malt 20% Unpeated malt 


  • Founded in 1898 by Wm. Teacher & Sons, The Ardmore distillery continues to uphold traditional distilling methods and uses only the aromatic smoke from natural, Highland peat fires to dry its malted barley.
  • The Ardmore distillery stands proudly on the fringes of the Highlands, draws its water from the nearby hills and sits beside a railway line that was once at the heart of the industrial revolution at Kennethmont, Speyside.
  • Ardmore Traditional Cask has numerous awards and accolades including Double Gold at the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Gold (Exceptional) at the 2009 International Review of Spirits (BTI) and Gold and Best in Class in the 2008 International Wine & Spirit Competition.
  • The Ardmore has a long standing history with the golden eagle, which nest by the distillery, and supports the protection and conservation of eagles through its partnership with the RSPB.

About Maxxium UK Ltd

Maxxium UK Ltd is part of the global sales and distribution alliance between Beam Inc and Edrington.

Its UK portfolio of premium brands includes: blended Scotch (The Famous Grouse and Teacher’s), malt whisky (Highland Park, Laphroaig, The Macallan, The Glenrothes and Ardmore), imported whiskey (Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Knob Creek, Canadian Club), cognac and brandy (Courvoisier and Fundador), sherry (Harveys), vodka (Stolichnaya), tequila (Sauza), rum (Brugal and Cruzan), liqueurs and specialities (Sourz, Bols liqueurs, Galliano, Vaccari, After Shock), No 3 Gin.
For further information on our brands and how to enjoy them, log on to

About Beam Suntory Inc.

As the world’s third largest premium spirits company, Beam Suntory is Crafting the Spirits that Stir the World.  Consumers from all corners of the globe call for the company’s brands, including the flagship Jim Beam bourbon and Yamazaki Japanese whisky, as well as world renowned premium brands including Maker’s Mark and Knob Creek bourbons, Hakushu and Hibiki Japanese whiskies, Teacher’s,  Laphroaig, and Bowmore Scotch whiskies, Canadian Club whisky, Courvoisier cognac, Sauza tequila, Pinnacle vodka, and Midori liqueur.  The company generates annual worldwide sales of approximately $4.6 billion excluding excise taxes.

Beam Suntory was created in 2014 by combining the world leader in bourbon and the pioneer in Japanese whisky to form a new company with a deep heritage, passion for quality, innovative spirit and entrepreneurial culture.  Headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, Beam Suntory is a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings Limited of Japan.  For more information on Beam Suntory, its brands, and its commitment to social responsibility, please visit and




Gleneagles, Scotland, 22nd September 2014: Famous for driving of a different kind, two-time world drivers’ champion and JOHNNIE WALKER® Global Responsible Drinking Ambassador, Mika Häkkinen, took time out from the Singapore Grand Prix to reveal that he’ll be at this year’s Ryder Cup in Gleneagles to encourage 25,000 golf fans to Join the Pact and commit to never drink and drive. 

Throughout the Ryder Cup, official partner JOHNNIE WALKER, will be inviting golf fans to pledge in one of three ways: by signing up either online at or with one of the 50 Join the Pact ambassadors around the Gleneagles course or by using the hashtag #ImNOTdriving on social media. 

Join the Pact is a global responsible drinking initiative created by JOHNNIE WALKER that has already seen more than 1 million people around the world commit to ‘Never Drink and Drive’. 

JOHNNIE WALKER Global Responsible Drinking Ambassador Mika Häkkinen explained the importance of this campaign: “As a huge golf fan I know that driving on the golf course is all about staying in control as is driving on the road. Join the Pact is a commitment to staying in control and putting the safety of yourself, your passengers and other people ahead of everything else.  It’s a choice that guarantees everyone can enjoy great nights out and fantastic events like the Ryder Cup.” 

JOHNNIE WALKER Global Brand Director Guy Escolme added: “We want to make sure that our consumers enjoy our brands responsibly wherever they are and whatever they are doing. It’s simply about making sure everyone has a great night and we believe that taking responsibility for your actions and staying in control is key. We have a number of sponsorships and ambassadors around the world and wanted to create a campaign that leveraged these to encourage people to drink responsibly.” 

Richard Hills, Ryder Cup Director, said: “The Ryder Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, watched by an audience of millions.  We’re delighted that a brand of the scale of JOHNNIE WALKER is supporting it and fans of golf in such a worthwhile way. We would like to encourage all spectators and television viewers to take two minutes to Join the Pact.” 

IMAGE CAPTION: Mika Häkkinen, JOHNNIE WALKER Responsible Drinking Ambassador, will be at the Ryder Cup to encourage 25,000 golf fans to ‘Join the Pact’ to Never Drink and Drive.


About Join the Pact

JOHNNIE WALKER places great importance on responsible drinking and tackles this issue through the Join the Pact campaign, with Mika Häkkinen as the Global Responsible Drinking Ambassador. Join the Pact asks consumers everywhere to make a commitment to never drink and drive through signing a pact. Since 2006 Mika has led this call-to-action initiative, which have been activated worldwide, collecting over a million signatures. 

Mika has visited over 40 countries on five continents, spoken to countless media, government officials, stakeholders and consumers delivering important messages through unique JOHNNIE WALKER experiences. 

At the 2014 SINGAPORE AIRLINES SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX this weekend JOHNNIE WALKER announced a new commitment target for the Join the Pact responsible drinking campaign. The new target is to collect 5 million pledges to Join the Pact, and to continue to drive awareness globally to never drink and drive. 


JOHNNIE WALKER is the world’s number one Blended Scotch Whisky brand, enjoyed by people in more than 180 countries around the world. Since the time of founder, John Walker, it has been closely associated with the concept of progress. A combination of consumer insight, determination and commercial astuteness enabled three pioneering generations of the Walker family to grow the small grocery store founded in 1820 into an international whisky business selling stylish, authentic, iconic brands.

About Diageo

Diageo is a global leader in beverage alcohol with an outstanding collection of brands across spirits, beer and wine categories.  These brands include Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, J&B, Buchanan’s, Windsor and Bushmills whiskies, Smirnoff, Cîroc and Ketel One vodkas, Captain Morgan, Baileys, Don Julio, Tanqueray and Guinness. 

Diageo is a global company, and our products are sold in more than 180 countries around the world.  The company is listed on both the London Stock Exchange (DGE) and the New York Stock Exchange (DEO).  For more information about Diageo, our people, our brands, and performance, visit us at  Visit Diageo’s global responsible drinking resource,, for information, initiatives, and ways to share best practice. 

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