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This month’s bottlings will hook you in and give you a surprise every time. Maybe you’ll give the contortion of complex flavours in ‘A Rollercoasterboaster!’ a whirl. Or perhaps it’ll be the ‘Autumn fairground dram’. Alternatively, breathe in the nostalgia of ‘Like summer’ with exhilarating notes of “toffee apples”, “coconut wafers” and “candy floss” – it will take you back, up, down, and round and round…

Young & spritely

26.101 An autumn feast at springtime
Special Queen Street 10 Year Anniversary Label
BUY £55.70

9.87 The Banks of the Seine
BUY £44.00

Spicy & sweet

37.57 A Rollercoasterboaster!
BUY £107.00

G7.6 Like summer
BUY £69.80

121.71 Eating the Italian way
BUY £48.10

Old & dignified

72.40 An infinity of concinnity
BUY £161.00

35.109 A class act
BUY £116.40

39.96 The Sultan’s Treasure Chest
BUY £131.10

Light & delicate

10.78 Sing along with Julie Andrews
BUY £49.00

Juicy, oak & vanilla

5.37 Lazing on a Sunday afternoon
Exclusive to June Trio

73.63 Vanilla Spice Latte
BUY £45.00

Oily & coastal

3.221 Starry, starry night
BUY £76.00

Lightly peated

66.48 Autumn fairground dram
BUY £45.00


53.208 Old bagpipes under a bed in Islay
BUY £62.40

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Spot the SMWS bottles in this amusing You Tube video

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