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Laphroaig® Single Malt Scotch Whisky Welcomes All Opinions

Deerfield, IL (June, 2014) –Laphroaig®, the world’s #1 Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky, is unveiling its new global advertising and digital campaign featuring candid, real-life opinions of Laphroaig® from some of the brands biggest fans. The idea behind “#Opinions Welcome” is to inspire whisky drinkers to share their own personal Laphroaig® “tasting notes” by showcasing the often offbeat and unique descriptions that members of Friends of Laphroaig®, the brand’s distinguished loyalty group, have provided over the years, as well as first-time Laphroaig drinkers. By commemorating the passion of an enlightened few, Laphroaig® hopes to intrigue those who are unfamiliar with, but interested in trying it for the first time.

With authentic descriptions like, “Smells like medicine. Tastes like soil. My whisky of choice,” and Salt, peat, smoke, iodine and seaweed. My friend the oceanographer said it tasted ‘like dead fish’ I was hooked,” the campaign will be brought to life through print and digital ads, as well as video content.

“Laphroaig® has long been a brand that elicited diverse and strong opinions from those who taste it, and the quotes we’ve selected to showcase at the launch of the campaign honor our long time friends and represent their affinity for Laphroaig®,” said John Campbell, Laphroaig® Master Distiller. “These authentic reactions will entice those unfamiliar with the whisky and inspire them to share their own opinions of Laphroaig®.”

At the heart of the campaign is a microsite will act as the central hub for the public to submit their own opinions of Laphroaig®. In addition to showcasing the content online, some of the newly generated opinions will be selected and used within future advertisements and as brand content in the Laphroaig® social media channels. To further inspire intrigue, a series of viral videos titled, #OpinionsWelcome, will feature various people tasting Laphroaig® and openly sharing their tasting experience with the liquid – whether positive or negative. The videos will premiere throughout 2014 and can be viewed at and at

Fans are encouraged to join the discussion and share their opinions by using the hashtag #OpinionsWelcome on Facebook and Twitter. 

To learn more about Laphroaig® Scotch Whisky, #OpinionsWelcome, or how to become a Friend of Laphroaig®, visit, LIKE us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter @Laphroaig.

About Laphroaig®

Laphroaig® (La-‘froyg) literally means “the beautiful hollow by the broad bay.”  Born from the streams and blue peat smoke of Islay, Laphroaig® is a Single Malt Scotch Whisky with a distinct taste and story in every bottle. The secret to Laphroaig® is that it benefits from the happy circumstances of where it is produced—next to ocean water and on land that gives Laphroaig® a unique peaty taste. It is one of only a few distilleries that still uses traditional malting floors and dries and infuses its own malt with the thick blue smoke from old peat-fired kilns. It’s also the only Single Malt Scotch Whisky to bear a Royal Warrant bestowed by HRH Prince Charles.

About Friends of Laphroaig®

Each bottle of Laphroaig® Scotch Whisky comes with a gift of friendship. Created by Laphroaig® Master Distiller John Campbell, Friends of Laphroaig® is a distinguished loyalty group, which today boasts over 600,000 members from more than 150 countries. Each Friend of Laphroaig® is given a lifetime lease on a numbered, one square foot plot of land in Islay that runs alongside the important Laphroaig® water source – the Killbride stream. The plot is registered and can be visited in person or via video on the Friends of Laphroaig® website – Throughout the year, Friends of Laphroaig® from all over the world get together and share photos, tasting notes, Scottish history and more. To become a member of Friends of Laphroaig®, consumers can enter their unique code found on each bottle of Laphroaig® on the Laphroaig® Facebook Page – or Friends of Laphroaig® website at

About Beam Suntory Inc.

As the world’s third largest premium spirits company, Beam Suntory is Crafting the Spirits that Stir the World.  Consumers from all corners of the globe call for the company’s brands, including the flagship Jim Beam bourbon and Yamazaki Japanese whisky, as well as world renown premium brands including Maker’s Mark and Knob Creek bourbons, Hakushu and Hibiki Japanese whiskies, Teacher’s, Laphroaig, and Bowmore Scotch whiskies, Canadian Club whisky, Courvoisier cognac, Sauza tequila, Pinnacle vodka, and Midori liqueur.  The company generates annual worldwide sales of approximately $4.6 billion excluding excise taxes. 

Beam Suntory was created in 2014 by combining the world leader in bourbon and the pioneer in Japanese whisky to form a new company with a deep heritage, passion for quality, innovative spirit and entrepreneurial culture.  Headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, Beam Suntory is a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings Limited of Japan.  For more information on Beam Suntory, its brands, and its commitment to social responsibility, please visit and

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