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So many bottlings promising so much pleasure…where do you begin? Discover more about our flavour clans and their recommendations by visiting our fun web widget at

If your loyalties are still torn, let us come to your aid….here’s some suggestions from our online shop. Let bottle commence!

Young & spritely

26.98 Lively as an electric acrobat
BUY £49.40

Sweet, fruity & mellow

64.46 Rice pudding with clotted cream
BUY £51.50

Spicy & sweet

7.92 Set the juice loose!
BUY £71.30

Spicy & dry

39.97 A symphony of sophistication
BUY £87.20

Deep, rich & fruity

73.60 Watching the Monaco Grand Prix from a roof terrace
BUY £92.40

Old & dignified

21.28 Relaxing in a tropical garden
BUY £349.00 (Closed distillery)

Light & delicate

72.27 Bouquet of flowers in a new car
BUY £160.20

Juicy, oak & vanilla

9.81 Sweet, savoury & tangy
BUY £45.00

Oily & coastal

93.57 Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of this
BUY £84.90

Lightly peated

Grain Smoky Werthers Original
BUY £75.20


3.197 Body Shop and bath salts
BUY £61.10

Heavily peated

29.134 Nurses & doctors attend a beach BBQ BUY
BUY £54.00

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