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Tomorrow is Ardbeg Day, and today is your final opportunity to register for the soccer match, the tasting or both. You can do so by phone 403-283-8000, or online by clicking here! The Ardbeg Day Soccer Match will take place at a booked field by the store. At present there are just a handful of tickets left. $20 will get you a numbered game shirt, a wee Ardbeg glass, and some other swag. The match will take place between 11:30 and 1:30PM. Participants will be emailed directions to the field. Ardbeg Day Festivities will be held at a lovely private venue a few blocks from the store. Once again, participants will be notified of the location by email, as we won’t be selling tickets at the door. Ardbeg Day Festivities will take place from 2-5PM, include a tasting, games and BBQ from Brazen Food Truck. The after party will move to Buchanan’s Chophouse thereafter! All this for just $40!

We have a lot of other great tastings coming up in the months ahead, including our sold out Spring Single Malt Festival, Ancient Malts and Lost in Translation. You can register for these events and see more info on them on our Tasting Page. A slew of exciting new whiskies will be trickling in over the months to come for these and other events. I’ve included a little teaser list of these below!

I don’t want you to get the impression we’ve been resting on our laurels by simply mentioning the future! We’ve had a number of excellent tastings over the last couple of months, and you can read up on them on our Store Blog. There is a write up on everything from Classic Malts, to the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and Glencadam/Tomintoul with tasting notes and links to the products on our site. We try to update it every couple of days so check it out!

Finally, I took a little time last night to write up a few tasting notes, including one on the new Brora 35 Year. It is a stunning dram, and flying off our shelves. I hope you enjoy this Malt Messenger Bulletin.


Andrew Ferguson
Kensington Wine Market

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Ardbeg Day 2014

Festivities Kick Off Saturday May 31

As Canada’s first Ardbeg Embassy, Kensington Wine Market is playing host to Ardbeg Day Festivities in Calgary May 31. The distillery’s Ardbeg Day release this year is the Auriverdes, or Green and Gold. This is a nod to the World Cup of Soccer in Brazil, but also to Ardbeg’s iconic green bottle and golden nectar. The theme this year is soccer, and that will be no different here in Calgary. We’re organizing a match of Ardbeg Green vs. Gold soccer at a field near Kensington Wine Market. Participation costs $20, but will include a special t-shirt, some swag and a dram or two. Two teams of 15 will be assembled in the school yard fashion from those who register. Limited to 28 participants. It’s been a wild spring here, and in the Scottish tradition the game will go ahead come bad or worse weather!

Later in the day festivities will to the Kensington Wine Market where we’ll be hosting fun activities between 2 and 5. There Ardbeg range will be available for tasting, along with new Auriverdes and some Ardbeg cocktails. Braizen Meats will be on hand serving up BBQ and there will be fun games. Registration costs $40 and is limited to around 60 participants. You need not register for one to participate in the other. The Kensington event registration includes a cocktail and appetizers at Buchanan’s Chophouse which is hosting the after party, from 5PM on.

Don’t hesitate in purchasing your Ardbeg Day tickets. Events are expected to fill quickly.

1. Ardbeg Day Soccer Match – 11:30-1:30 Saturday May 31 – 5 Spots Left! – $20
2. Ardbeg Day at KWM – 2:00-5:00 Saturday May 31 – Only 15 Spots Left – $40

Call 403-283-8000 to register or do so on our website at

Tasting Notes on Some Posh New Whiskies

A couple of Cadenheads, Brora, Talisker and the Tomatin 1977

We have been selling the Brora 35 Year at an impressive clip. It doesn’t hurt that it has been very well reviewed by the like of Serge at Whisky Fun, who gave it 95pts. Nor does it hurt that it is selling for nearly double the price around the world. I decided I needed to get some tasting notes off my belt last night, and the following 5 are what I got up to. Tasted in the order presented below they were all great, but the Brora stood out. Who knows if, or when we’ll ever see another official release, and at what price… The Cadenheads are the first of a range of new KWM exclusives. The Talisker is the 2011 edition! Enjoy:

1. Cadenhead Linkwood-Glenlivet 1987 26 Year – 56.8% – Sherry Butts – 972 Bottles – My Tasting Note: “Nose: floral, toasty and citric with a hint of pine; French bakery notes, fruit flan, orange and melon; Palate: lush, coating and toasty with more French baked goods, candied orange and melons; becomes more floral, with white chocolate and juicy oak; the spices develop in layers first candied ginger, then cloves, cinnamon and finally black pepper; Finish: long, coating and toasty with drying oak, floral tones, gentle spice and a return of the hints of pine. – $284.99
2. Cadenhead Auchroisk 1989 24 Year – 57.5% – Sherry Butts – 1140 Bottles – My Tasting Notes: “Nose: leathery and earthy with raisins, dates and figs, roasted nuts and under ripe oranges; rich Oloroso sherry notes and musty old oak; Palate: big-nutty-Oloroso sherry, firm leather, damp tobacco, cloves, black licorice, burnt orange peel and black pepper; burnt raisins, bacon wrapped dates and Christmas cake; Finish: long, rich, nutty and leathery with fading raisins and Christmas cake.” – $190.99
3. Tomintoul 1977 35 Year – 54.9% – Sherry Butt # 3691 – 312 Bottles – ONLY 1 Left! – My Tasting Note: “Nose: starts with soft leather, upon which tropical fruits, deft dark sugars and elegant spices are delicately layered; mango, papaya and pineapple, ginger, cinnamon and cardamom; candied fruits, dried orange and floral honey; Palate: sweet, layered and very fruity; layers of soft tobacco, supple leather and more tropical fruits: more mango, papaya and pineapple; layers of spices: starting with ginger and cinnamon, evolving towards anise and clove; a whisky of enormous depth, there are Demerara and brown sugars, candied fruits and hints of Christmas cake; Finish: long fruity and rich; the layers of the palate slowly and elegantly fade away with more tropical fruits, coating leather and spices. – $849.99
4. Talisker 25 Year 2011 Ed. – 45.8% – 5772 Bottles – My Tasting Note: “Nose: waxy with brown sugar, browning apples, soft earthy smoke, briny coastal notes and hot spices; cantaloupe, mandarin orange and clean smoke; Palate: buttery, creamy, tropical, waxy and smoky with a hint of briny coastal notes; so soft, with such clean smoke, honey comb and clotted cream; the peat is deft with clean smoke; more melon, browning apple, mandarin orange and hot spices like chilli flakes; Finish: long, coating, creamy and subtly smoke with fading salty smoke. – $249.99
5. Brora 35 Year – 49.9% – 1977 – Bottle No. 9 of 2944 – My Tasting Note: “Nose: classic Brora beeswax, subtle smoke and soft tropical fruits: melons, mango and papaya; elegant maritime notes: steamed mussels and pan seared scallops; very creamy and cleanly smoked, this is one elegant older whisky; Palate: sweet, liquid honey, beeswax and mouth-watering fruits: more melons, mangos and papaya, but also candied apple and poached pear; the clean smoke reappears with more sweet pan seared scallops and salty mussels; the peat grows and becomes earthier with a touch of anise; Finish: long and coating with more beeswax, clean smoke and maritime notes; hard to imagine Brora getting much better than this! – $949.99

Whiskies to Keep Your Eyes Open For in the Weeks and Months Ahead!

Cadenhead, Springbank, Nikka, Yamazaki, Bruichladdich & More:

Here’s just a taste:

1. Hazelburn Rundlets & Kilderkins – $103.99
2. Longrow Red Shiraz – $87.99
3. Springbank Gaja Cask – $103.99
4. Adelphi Clynelish 1997 – $110.99
5. Adelphi Macallan 1988 – $199.99
6. Adelphi Miltonduff 1981 – $166.99
7. Adelphi Nightcap 4 – $191.99
8. Benromach 1969 – $1299.99 – KWM Exclusive
9. Bowmore Small Batch Reserve – $51.99
10. Bruichladdich Black Art 4 – $174.99
11. Bruichladdich Octomore 6.1 – $131.99
12. Cadenhead BenRiach 1996 – $111.99 – KWM Exclusive
13. Cadenhead Bladnoch 1992 – $143.99 – KWM Exclusive
14. Cadenhead Bowmore 2001 – $91.99 – KWM Exclusive
15. Cadenhead Deanston 1994 – $129.99 – KWM Exclusive
16. Cadenhead Dufftown 1979 – $401.99 – KWM Exclusive
17. Cadenhead Glen Garioch 1990 – $195.99 – KWM Exclusive
18. Cadenhead Glen Grant 1989 – $209.99 – KWM Exclusive
19. Cadenhead Glenfiddich 1973 – $1099.99 – KWM Exclusive Only 6 Available!
20. Cadenhead North British 1989 – $159.99 – KWM Exclusive
21. Cadenhead Tomatin 1994 – $112.99 – KWM Exclusive
22. Chichibu Port Pipe – $109.99 – KWM Exclusive
23. First Edition Macallan 1993 – $289.99 – KWM Exclusive
24. Nikka Pure Malt Red – $67.99 – KWM Exclusive
25. Nikka Coffey Grain 1999 – $364.99 – KWM Exclusive Only 6 Available!
26. Nikka Coffey Grain – $88.99 – KWM Exclusive
27. Nikka Coffey Malt 1998 – $215.99 – KWM Exclusive
28. Nikka Coffey Malt – $88.99 – KWM Exclusive
29. Yamazaki Bourbon Barrel – $262.99 – KWM Exclusive Only 3 Available!
30. Yamazaki 1993 Private Cask – $1349.99 – KWM Exclusive Only 6 Available!

Ferguson Whisky Tours

Islay September 7-13 2014 or Kentucky October 5-10 2014

Only 2 spots left for Islay in September! Interested in joining me on one of my fantastic whisky adventures? It’s too late to join me in Speyside this May, but not too late to take part in my Islay and Kentucky Tours, departing in September and October respectively. More details on these tours will be available on my website in the coming weeks.

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