The Friends of the Quaich Whisky Club, Vancouver Island, Canada, Enjoyed a Whisky Tasting for Burns Night!

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The Friends of the Quaich whisky club, Vancouver Island, Canada, enjoyed a whisky tasting for Burns Night! 

January 2014; The Burns unit team. 

Friends of the Quaich, Robbie Burns supper and tastings, January 28th 2014. 

Our hosts, Martin and Margaret Hill. Hats off to Martin and Margaret for an excellent evening of great drams and excellent cuisine. Also, a big thank-you to all the gang, for the delicious and appetising dishes prepared for our Robbie Burns banquet.

Tasting: Up first, Aberlour 10 yr old, 43% ABV.  Nose: Hints of toffee and vanilla.  Palate: Buttery Sherry with toffee.  Finish: Malt, citrus and spice. 

Next up, The Peat Monster. 46% ABV.  Nose: Big peat. Salty. Sweet.  Palate: Smokey bacon, with hints of papaya.  Finish: More peat, sweet oak. 

Number three: Seagrams Crown Royal Maple. 40% ABV. More a liqueur than a whiskey.  Nose: Sweet Maple syrup hints of vanilla and oak.  Palate: Pancake syrup, some cinnamon, perhaps a little allspice.  Finish: Maple syrup lingers.  

Last up: Benriach Curiositas. 40% ABV.  Nose: Sublimely medicinal, sweet grassy asphalt and heather. Hints of malmsey.  Palate: At once sweet and heavily smoked. Peppery spice tingles, iodine, a warm nuttiness. Finish: Bittersweet, dry wood, creosote and fennel. Cheers, Mike.  

Paul’s note; that final dram finish; who in the group has tasted creosote?  Personally I would have left the Monster to the end. 

See more tasting notes from the friends here; 

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