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LOT No. 40: 2012 Release  
(Canadian Rye) 
Yeah, we know this one isn’t an exciting new Irish Whiskey. However, it is Whiskey Advocate’s “Canadian Whisky of the Year.” (90 points). It also won “Best Blended Canadian” at the World Whisky Awards as well as “Double Gold-Best Canadian” at the San Francisco Spirits Competition. Also, we really, really like it.
Lot No. 40 Canadian Whisky is made from a mash of 90% Canadian rye grains and 10% malted barley. The grains are mashed and fermented, before being distilled through copper-pot stills and matured in premium, white oak casks. Tasting notes include an aroma of sour rye bread, earthy minerals and nutmeg. Next comes the citrusy fruits, rock candy and honeyed oak on the palate. Those  are then complemented by subtle woody spices, cloves and ginger. The finish is spicy, mellow, with notes of rye and velvety oak.

Our Price: $58/btl 
Call store for availability (currently in stock). 
AA Lot 40
Park Avenue Liquor Shop
292 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017

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