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AA Martin
With a touch of snowy weather arriving with a shiver and a shake, it’s time to look forward to the long winter evenings when our beloved single malt really comes into its own; warming up the parts other whiskies simply cannot reach and bringing us ever nearer, one dram at a time to the festive season.

And with all this in mind, our attention is drawn to the wonderful Martin Markvardsen, our Senior Brand Ambassador, who’s Christmas has come a little earlier this year!

The much-loved (and definitely larger-than-life) Martin has recently been recognised as ‘The Best Whisky Ambassador in Norway’ by the organisers of the Oslo Whisky Festival.

The award is presented annually to the person who has made a difference to the whisky industry in Norway and the festival organiser, Chris Malie, felt that Martin had to be recognised for his length of service, his passion for Highland Park and legendary Orkney storytelling, alongside his vast knowledge of single malt whisky and that fact that he has been on more trips to Norway than any other ambassador.

“I am honoured to have been presented with this award, says Martin and I see this as much more of a prize for the team than an individual prize.”

Modest as well as supremely nice, if you happen to bump into Martin at a forthcoming whisky event, or, for that matter in a bar, shake his hand and for your next round he’ll be having a gentleman-sized measure of Highland Park 18 year old please…


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