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The Gateway to Distilleries

Illustrated Encyclopedic Distillery-Guide upgraded

The ultimate photographic professional free guide to distilling whisky. More than 130 distilleries are illustrated and described in full detail by thousands of pictures.

“Join in a comprehensive journey to the distilleries of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Mainland Europe and Asia. Meet the people behind the labels and learn more about the making of whisky,” says the editor Ernie – Ernst J. Scheiner.

Highlighted by Ingvar Ronde in his Malt Whisky Yearbook 2013 The Gateway to Distilleries refers to historic aspects of whisky distilling and explains details of production methods. The quality of information may give whisky enthusiasts a detailed understanding of distilling whisky. People of the industry may study and virtually visit  neighbouring distilleries. The presentation is accompanied with a host of information on historic and cultural highlights.

A full list of independent bottlers, whisky festivals and whisky literature is also offered. Portraits of people in the whisky industry make for a complete personal presentation.

It is an excellent teaching website about the whisky industry.

“The definitive virtual distillery tour – of a stunning number of distilleries. An unbelievable resource…”  The Coopered Tot

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