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High West American Prairie Reserve

75cl / 46% Vol

Named after a wildlife reserve in northeastern Montana, The American Prairie Reserve, which is an impressive 5,000 square mile of land and the largest wildlife reserve in the lower 48 states of America. The whiskey is a premium blend of Bourbons. A 6 year old Bourbon, mashbill, 75% Corn, 20% rye, 5% barley malt and a 10 year old Bourbon, mashbill from 60% Corn, 35% rye, and 5% barley malt. High West donates 10% of their after tax profit from the sales of this bottle to the American Prairie Reserve.

£45.75  (£38.13 ex vat)

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High West Campfire

75cl / 46% Vol

High West Campfire, a blend of sweet, straight bourbon whiskey, a spicy and floral, straight rye whiskey, both which are from the old Seagrams plant in Indiana along with a smoky, blended malt Scotch whisky, made from 100 percent barley malt. All whiskey/whisky used in this blend are 5 years or older. Campfire from High West Distillery was created by David Perkins (Proprietor) after a recent trip to Islay. Read the full story here… (worth a read)

£53.75  (£44.79 ex vat)

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Fighting C#ck 6 Year Old Bourbon Whiskey

75cl / 51.5% Vol

Fighting C#ck aka ‘The Kickin Chicken’, a 6 year old Kentucky straight bourbon, bottled at 103 proof (51.5% vol). Distilled and bottled by Fighting C#ck Distilling Co, a subsidiary of Heaven Hill Distilleries.

£29.50 (£24.58 ex vat)

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John E. Fitzgerald Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon

100cl / 46% Vol

Created as a special small batch bourbon, John E. Fitzgerald Larceny is made from 100 barrels or less that have aged from 6 to 12 years. Bottled at 92 proof, or 46% alcohol by volume, Larceny bourbon continues the Old Fitzgerald tradition of using wheat in place of rye as the third or “small” grain in the whiskey’s grain recipe, or mashbill as it is commonly known. 94/100 – Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2013

£47.50 (£39.58 ex vat)

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Parker’s Heritage Collection 6th Edition / Blend of Mashbills

75cl / 69.7% Vol

The sixth edition of Parker’s Heritage Collection is a blend of Heaven Hill’s two Bourbon mashbills including rye-based Bourbon and wheat-based Bourbon. Bottled at cask strength, 69.7% vol (139.4 proof). Parker’s Heritage collection is a series of rare, limited edition American Whiskeys offered as a tribute to sixth-generation Master Distiller Parker Beam for his 50+ years of distilling experience. Parker has been practicing his family craft of distilling, ageing and selecting some of the world’s most critically acclaimed Bourbons and American Whiskeys since he began working alongside his father at Heaven Hill Distilleries in 1950.

£108.50 (£90.42 ex vat)

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Roughstock Montana Pure Malt Whiskey

70cl / 45% Vol

Montana Pure Malt whiskey, a small batch release from Roughstock distillery. Made from 100% Montana grown and malted barley mash, aged in lightly charred American white oak barrels.

Official Tasting Notes

The nose will open with touches of light fruit: pear, apple, and caramelized bananas, as well as soft barley. On the palate, the sweet malty grain flavor will dominate and then finish with the stronger barrel notes of vanilla, more caramelized banana, toffee, and a bit of tannin spice. A touch of smoke may linger in the background from the barrel char. It will warm as it goes down…

£52.25 (£43.54 ex vat)

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Roughstock Montana Sweet Corn Whiskey

70cl / 50% Vol

Clear whiskey?

Distilled twice in a copper still, this western style American corn whiskey has been made from 100% sweet yellow corn. After distillation only the sweet clean heart of the distillate is collected, set aside to mellow for a minimum of two weeks and then cut to 100 proof for bottling. True to the old west when whiskey wasn’t aged in barrels, this is the only style of whiskey in the United States you can call whiskey without first ageing it in a barrel.

£48.25 (£40.21 ex vat)

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Wasmund’s Single Malt Whisky Batch 50

70cl / 48% Vol

Wasmund’s Single Malt Whisky, a unique, pot stilled small batch release, produced at the Copper Fox Distillery in Virginia, America. The barley, malted at the distillery itself, is flavoured using apple and cherry wood smoke. Distilled from a single batch copper still producing one barrel at a time, the spirit is then aged for 42 months using a special chip and barrel ageing technique.

£43.25 (£36.04 ex vat)

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