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Ludo is back and full of energy (as you can see), we decided to publish these all at once rather than all 17 individually. Please click on the individual links to read the remainder of each article- WI

It’s cold in Dufftown

Today is my first day back in the office and what a drive it was (see the pictures below).

I had better head home soon!

PS – thanks Ian for braving the weather and taking these pictures – the next dram is on me!

Grant’s YouTube Channel!

My friends in our marketing team have been working on a series of videos  dedicated to Grant’s. You can see  the first below with Gregor, our mixologist, demonstrating how to make the  perfect Grant’s Manhattan whisky cocktail.

A Grant’s  Manhattan is one of the  all time classic cocktails (Kent123, if you liked…

One from the archive – Grant’s delivered in the Philippines

I was speaking  to Paul, our company archivist, earlier today about a picture I came across in  an old book (see below). It shows an old car advertising Grant’s in the  Philippines.  The picture must have been taken only a few years after Charles Gordon started his journey around…

Grant’s internal rivalry (just a bit of fun!)

I was at our Girvan distillery yesterday and everybody kept talking about how the snow we had in Dufftown was nothing compared to the cold they had in Girvan. As a whisky ambassador (although admittedly not always a diplomat!), I thought I would ask a neutral crowd (you!) to be the judge. Their entry in…

Grant’s cocktails anyone? 

I thought you might want to know that new videos of Gregor, our  cocktail mixologist, have been posted on our YouTube channel.

If you’re  soon to be entertaining guests or simply keen to perfect your cocktail making  skills, why not take a quick look at Gregor in action and pick up some useful

Grant’s Whisky is now on Twitter!

Did you know that you can now follow Grant’s on Twitter?

For all you whisky enthusiasts, this is another chance for you to follow the latest news and information on Grant’s Whisky, as well as to share stories and experiences on all things whisky with your friends.

The adventures of Mister ‘G’

I’m often asked where the idea for our famous  triangular bottle came from. I have heard many different stories but the one  below is my personal favourite.

‘The adventures of Mister G’ is actually part  of a series of print adverts which I believe were produced in the 1960s. I’ll  need…

How much barley and wheat is there in a bottle of Grant’s?

Last week I was in London judging this year’s best whiskies for Whisky Magazine’s World Whiskies Awards. It was an excellent day as usual, with many extraordinary whiskies (particularly a Balblair single malt from 1975, which sadly, didn’t win the best single malt award, despite the 10/10 mark I gave it; never mind!) and…

The adventures of Mister ‘G’…continued

Following on from my post  a few weeks ago on the adventures of Mister ‘G’ (which stirred up quite a bit of  interesting conversation, to say the least!),  I thought I would share the rest of the 1960s print adverts with you.

Perhaps not quite as  (ahem!) bold as the first…

A taste from the past – Grant’s Royal 12 Years Old (bottled in the 1980s)

The best thing about working in a distillery is that no matter which cupboard I open, I am likely to find a bottle of whisky.

As you might know, I am always very interested in our company’s history and particularly the whiskies we used to blend. You might remember the 18 Year Old Classic…

A new Grant’s whisky website! 

After recently  launching a YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter pages, we’ve been busy crafting a new website. now features  videos of our Chairman, Peter Gordon,  our Master Blender, Brian Kinsman and  yours truly, which I hope won’t put you off visiting ;-). We take you inside the  Grant’s world…

Grant’s live on TV in Canada 

I visited Canada at the beginning of the month and while on  a short stopover in Vancouver, I was interviewed live on the  morning TV news.  As is customary with these programmes, the interview was short but I still think many of you will find it interesting. It has now been…

A taste from the past – Grant’s Best Procurable 

I am often asked what the best part of my job is. Travelling, meeting interesting people and cultures or working for an internationally recognised Scotch whisky may seem appropriate answers but the truth is that as a whisky enthusiast, the most enjoyable part of my job is being able to sample some of the world’s…

The Best Grant’s Bars in the World 

I’m in Paris at the moment to meet with a few journalists at our Charles De Gaulle shop and whilst working in my hotel room last night, I started wondering about where to go for a drink.

I have been to Paris many times but as hard as I tried, I couldn’t remember a good…

Grant’s Real DIY Stories 

Today, I would like to make you aware of a competition that’s being held for a second year in the United States. Grant’s Real DIY Stories offers do it yourself enthusiasts the chance to win a home entertaining makeover worth $10,000.

This competition is only open to US residents, but I would encourage everyone to take…

Grant’s on WhiskyCast

I met with Mark Gillespie from the world-famous WhiskyCast, while on a short visit to Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago. Now in its sixth year, the internet’s best whisky podcast comes to life a few miles outside Philly in ‘the charming yet regrettably dry town of Haddonfield’, as Mark so eloquently puts it….

A Taste from the Past – Grant’s 25 Year Old Character Jug

It seems many of you enjoyed my recent review of one of our old Royal Doulton decanters with over 1,000 of you ‘liking’ our Facebook post. I love social media sites in that respect, as they give me instant feedback on what our fans enjoy reading. And so, this week I have found another…

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