November/December Pre Christmas Drams in Perth, Or “How to survive winter” – Scotch Whisky News

November/December pre Christmas drams in Perth.
Or; How to survive winter.

Well here we are again. Drinking on whisky intelligence! This is a wee chat about our pre – Christmas drams and thoughts, it’s really a “suggestion” or two for surviving the winter months.

My first suggestion for the winter months;

Barley & Oats. Nothing like a grand mixing of cereals, I like my oats on winter mornings (even winter evenings). A dram in a bowl of porridge never misses the target. Here I have shown some samples of a decent whisky to liberally pour into the mix, any whisky of choice is good, easy drams for the morning, maybe a peaty one for winter evenings. For those of you like myself, who dinnae have an open fire (as Liz does), I cosy up to my pc with a moving video of a roaring fire. Bowl of porridge, readily spiked with whisky, big fluffy slippers, wee willie winkie hat and Sarah Brightman ( )

Part two; Scottish nosh at its best, Maclean’s bakery up in the Highlands, does the best shortbread and oatcakes (see, back to oats again). Take a few oatcakes and maybe a shortbread, dribble liberally with your favourite dram, or dram of the moment. Leave a minute to settle doon, then enjoy! Grand for those winter evening tasting sessions, a dinner end, or anytime. All these glorious products shown available on tour with mcleanscotland.

My second suggestion for the winter months;

A Bruce, a battle & an Aberlour. A read and a dram (or six) never fails to stimulate the brain cells. Me? nothing better than a Scottish history book accompanied by some whisky. You can never go wrong reading the life and times of one of our better Kings – The Bruce. Aye, he did change sides somewhat over his time, but “the end justifies the means” seems to work well here. Here in Scotland, we do not use King of Scotland. NO, we use King of Scots. Our kings were kings of the people not the land, unlike our neighbours doon there. King Robert Scotch Whisky (Ian Macleod) is a consistent and complex blend of “first class” grain and malt whiskies. The malts used are only selected when mature and are usually older than the malts used in competitors’ standard brands. King Robert Scotch thus tends to be much more smooth and mellow. Also well worth a sup or two’; Douglas Laing King of Scots, a rare ole blend!

That’s it for the noo, I hope you enjoy these suggestions and “give em a try”, please do let me know how you got on and if you have your own suggestions for those winter months – apart from going to the Maldives of course!

Bye for now

Paul McLean, www.mcleanscotland

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