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No wait, don’t panic or re-adjust your set, this really is The Whisky Lounge email news!…

After years of the plain old email – which served very well by the way – we have finally been dragged into the 21st Century. We can now give you all the information you need but also give you flashy images and up to date news and info at the same time.This month, with Xmas approaching, we thought it would be remiss of us to not point you in the direction of some whisky-related gift ideas, as well as keeping you bang up to date with what events we have planned in for the rest of 2012 and into 2013. Chief among these are our first festivals of the year, in Newcastle and Brighton, and our fabulous ‘Whisky Schools’. Read on….

With us busy completing the final sessions of our sold-out ‘Islay Blind Fury’ tastings this week, it seems only appropriate to have a look at what is left in 2012 and into early 2013 for whisky-lovers everywhere.


You have been asking and now we are in the position to tell you! The Newcastle Whisky Fest, now in its 5th year, takes place on Saturday 9th March and will no doubt be bigger and better than ever. We have some exciting new developments in store and for the first 100 lucky punters who book-up, a stunning ‘early-bird’ special just in time for Xmas! Exhibitors and classes will be added as we get them confirmed but please keep checking back.

The 4th Brighton Whisky Fest takes place on Saturday 6th April and as ever, is a great chance to meet the makers and producers that help to make whisky great! As with Newcastle, there are some exciting developments to keep the most ardent whisky-fans happy, plus an early-bird special for you south-coasters too.


We haven’t finished yet for 2012 and are cheekily proposing a couple of £15 tastings with whiskies from our friends from Balcones, Texas in London, Manchester and Newcastle! If you haven’t heard of Balcones yet, you soon will. The first commercially available ‘craft-distillery’ from Waco, Texas has received amazing plaudits and countless awards in the short time they have been producing. The dates are on the left column BUT will take place only if we have enough interest…
First up in 2013 we have a series of Burns-inspired tastings in January. In various locations in the UK we will be tasting our way through some of our favourite drams along with some tasty tid-bits at each of these venues. These range from some small, but perfectly formed canapes, to full-blown dinners, depending on location and cost. Have a look here to get a better idea of what is going on close to you.


Next up we have our ‘Whisky School’. This is a project Eddie has been working on for years and has only now found the right format and venues worthy of this venture. The first ‘prototype’ took place in Newcastle in September and was a fantastic success with ‘students’ delighted with the combination of a serious amount of information in tandem with fun stuff, such as the blend your own whisky section. These are now being rolled out right across the UK – from Glasgow to Brighton – and are superbly priced for gifting or otherwise, click here for more…


Our latest series of single-cask or small batch whiskies. Bottled at at least 46%, non-chillfiltered and non-coloured. Whisky as nature intended. Whisky bottled in 20cl so that everyone can afford to drink the likes of our 1974 Glen Grant… Click here to find out more.

Also in the same section you will find gift vouchers and Whisky Lounge memberships…

Anyway that’s all for now, thanks for reading and happy shopping!

The Whisky Lounge Team
Eddie, Amanda & Joe

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