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Japan – Single Malt Scotch

Nikka 12 Year Old Taketsuru Pure Malt Japanese Whisky 750ml ($59.99)
Malt whiskies matured for 12 years or more at the Yoichi and Miyagikyo distilleries are blended in vats to produce this outstanding pure malt whisky.

Scotland – Single Malt Scotch

2003 Bruichladdich K&L Exclusive Peated Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky 750ml ($72.99)
Originally slated for Bruichladdich’s short-lived 3D3 Peat expression, this malt began its life in Bourbon casks until it was dumped into a refill Sherry butt for extra maturation. That classic Bruichladdich tang is on the nose, the briny aromas that meander between rich, earthy, and tart. The peat shows itself first, bringing bright smoke and peat moss similar to Laphroaig, before the mild dose of Sherry kicks in, finishing more like Lagavulin with some nice oak and caramel. After a disasterous recall on last year’s Chenin Blanc barrel, this new offering from Bruichladdich comes just in time for the holidays to fill the hole. Now that Remy Martin has acquired the once-independent distillery, we’re not sure if this will mark the end of the independent cask program at Bruichladdich. Is this the last time we team up with our friends on Islay, or is this just another great chapter in an incredible relationship? We hope to continue our business with Bruichladdich , but if this peated cask is the last of its kind, it’s a hell of a way to go out. Big smoke, big flavor, tons of complexity, lots of chewy richness. This is Islay through and through. It’s Bruichladdich at its smoky best. (David Driscoll, K&L Spirits Buyer)

United States – Bourbon and Rye

Old World Spirits Gold Run California Rye Whiskey750ml – 11 available ($49.99)
Finally, after almost a year of hype, local Belmont distiller Davorin Kuchan is ready to release his 100% white, organic rye whiskey, giving California its first real home-made option since Old Potrero. The Goldrun is about one year old, but already has a complexity and depth of flavor that places it much further beyond many of its upstart peers. Spicy, peppery, and full of bready yeast, there’s perhaps not another whiskey out there that tastes more like actual rye bread. Getting the yeast to fully ferment the rye was a challenge (which is why most distilleries add some barley and opt out of the 100% recipe), but the result was worth the effort. Davorin has always been an eau-de-vie distiller, so the purity of the rye was more important than say the vanilla from the wood. The question now is will there be enough to supply local demand? Rye whiskey has already been short in supply this year, so the appetite is definitely there. Luckily, our close relation ship with Davorin has allowed us to get to it first! These half-bottles allow us to package what is an expensive and labor-intensive process into something more affordable for the consumer. Grab one, get a glass, sit back and sip some local rye whiskey made just down the street! Supply is limited. (David Driscoll, K&L Spirits Buyer)

Willett 11 Year Old Cask Strength Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml ($73.99)

Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Four Wood Finish 750ml – 1 available ($89.99)
The well-regarded Woodford Master’s Collection has always been difficult to get. Here we have an interesting experiment that draws partially from previous bottlings. Their contention is that finishing in a single wood type provides only a one-dimensional change to the flavor profile. By finishing in three different barrel types, the blender is able to achieve more complexity and character, so the story goes. I’ve had plenty of barrel finished product that are certainly more than one dimensional, but I’ve never had an American whisky finished in three types of barrels. Here we get Oloroso Sherry adding nutty sweetness, ruby Port giving red berry fruit, and the maple wood providing woody sweetness and spice. This stuff is always incredibly limited and inevitably someone will be disappointed when it runs out. (David Othenin-Girard, K&L Spirits Buyer)

Back in stock

Scotland – Single Malt Scotch

• 1988 Glenrothes Speyside Single Malt Whisky 750ml (Elsewhere $150) ( Price: Hidden )
Whisky Advocate: “The hue is deep amber and the nose is equally resonant and rich. This is Glenrothes in its most muscular guise, so that while you have the normal layers of fruity complexity, there is an extra weight. Think of citrus peels, sticky dates, walnuts, and fruit leather. The palate is soft and rolling with light tannin. For me, it’s at its best au naturel. ” K&L Notes: All of the creamy textures and soft sweetness of the beloved 1985 vintage in a new 1998 release. More vanilla, less sherry, with nutty toffee on the finish. Delicious.

 United States – Bourbon and Rye

• Willett 4 Year Cask Strength Single Barrel Bourbon 750ml – 3 available ($41.99)

• Willett 5 Year Single Barrel Cask Strength Bourbon 750ml – 3 available ($49.99)
This small, independent bottler is super-secretive, so there’s very little we can tell you about this specific bottling besides that it’s unique, small batch and going to sell out fast.

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