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Diageo Special Releases 2012

It’s that time of year again and Diageo has launched its Single Malt Scotch Whiskies. To benefit from our spectacular generosity please select from one of Special Releases 2012 Sets below. As usual, the series embraces some exceedingly rare and therefore increasingly sought after single malts from the dwindling stocks of long-silent distilleries alongside expressions from familiar and less familiar working distilleries, but at unusual ages. All are at natural cask strength.

To Buy Diageo Special Releases 2012:

Lagavulin 12 year old – “limited numbers”

Offer Price £71

Set of Two Special Releases 2012

(experience the two extremes: the peatiest and the most delicate of the Special Releases 2012)

Includes: Lagavulin 12, Dalwhinnie 25.
RRP: £256
Offer Price: £243 (5% discount)

Set of Four Special Releases 2012

(selection of our four favourite Special Releases)

Includes: Lagavulin 12, Talisker 35, Caol Ila 14 Unpeated, Dalwhinnie 25.
RRP: £847
Offer Price: £804 (5% discount)

Set of Seven Special Releases 2012
(complete set excluding Port Ellen)

Includes: Lagavulin 12, Lagavulin 21, Talisker 35, Caol Ila 14 Unpeated, Brora 35, Dalwhinnie 25, Auchroisk 30.
RRP: £1,827
Offer Price: £1,735 (5% discount)

Complete Set of Eight Special Releases 2012

Includes: Lagavulin 12, Lagavulin 21, Talisker 35, Caol Ila 14 Unpeated, Port Ellen 32, Brora 35, Dalwhinnie 25, Auchroisk 30.
Offer Price: £2,427

The eight single malt releases this year are:

Port Ellen 32 year old – 2,964 bottles
Twelfth of a very limited series of annual releases. From refill American Oak   and refill European Oak casks filled in 1979. Distillery closed in 1983. Nose   – Unmistakable Water Melon and a hint of satsuma. With time hay barns and wet   hay with Port Ellen’s characterful Chamoise Leather creepy in. Palate – Sweet   water melon, the peat isn’t overpowering, lanolin, menthol and hint of cream.   Finish – Fantastic, more chamoise leather, fudge and camp fire wood. The nose   and finish were superb, but on the palate it didn’t quite live up to   expectation – but could it ever?
RRP £600
Brora 35 year old – 1,566 bottles
Eleventh of a very limited series of annual releases. Vatted from whiskies at   least 35 years old distilled in 1976 & 1977 and aged in refill American   Oak casks. Distillery closed in 1983. Nose – Incredible, sweet spiced   oranges, dried raisins, toffee and chocolate, there is so much here it would   take an evening just to fully appreciate the aroma. Palate – Wonderfully rich   and complex, white chocolate, cocoa powder with a hint of cold black coffee,   costal salt and the faintest waft of peat. Finish – Spice apple, brown sugar   and espresso. Complexity in abundance, so much going on, brilliant!
RRP £400
Auchroisk 30 year old – 2,976 bottles
The oldest Auchroisk ever released by the distillers. From a mix of American   & European Oak refill casks filled in 1982. Nose – Dried red berries,   some slight jammy notes developing into varnish and rich sherry oak notes.   Palate – Age defying sweet dried fruits at the start, moving into slightly   bitter wood notes finishing with a hint of caramel. Finish – Wood and burnt   sugar, complex and pleasing. One of the best whiskies of the night, instantly   enjoyable and remarkably good value for a 30 year old cask strength whisky.
RRP £230
Lagavulin 21 year old – 2,772 bottles
Only the second 21 year old ever bottled by the original distillers. Vatted   from first fill ex-sherry European Oak casks each at least 21 years old,   filled in 1991. Nose – Burnt wood embers and zippo lighter fluid.
Palate – Stewed fruits, spicy peat, very good though lacking some thing to   make it outstanding. Finish – spiced fruit and coal fires. Truly impressive.   Required far more time and attention than we were able to give it. One for   great contemplation.
RRP £350
Talisker 35 year old – 3,090 bottles
The oldest limited release ever offered by the distillery. Sixteenth in this   series. From American & European Oak refill casks filled in 1977. Nose –   Typically Talisker, sea air, white pepper, thyme and a touch of crème brulee.   Palate – Grapes and spiced pears and cinnamon fire ball gob stoppers. Finish   – Fresh menthol and oaky caramel. The abundant Talisker style comes out well   given the 35 years.
RRP £525

Caol Ila 14 year old – “limited numbers”
From a batch made only once a year, the 7th limited release of unpeated Caol   Ila, the first at fourteen years old, also the first ‘sherried’ Caol Ila   released in this series. From 1st  fill ex-bodega European Oak casks   filled in 1997. Nose – Great sherried character, rich malty with milk   chocolate. Palate – More of the same, biscuity with cloves and a dash of   citrus. Finish – Delicious marmalde and pepper, very enjoyable. Much more   richness and depth than its unpeated predesscors. Lovely take on an quirky   classic.
RRP £66

Dalwhinnie 25 year old – 5,358 bottles
Latest of four limited releases to be offered by the distillery, and the   first of these to come from rejuvenated American Oak hogsheads. Nose – Very   expressive, floral notes, orchids and wild flowers. Lime infused cream and   freshly sawn pine. Palate – Gentle belying its 52.1%. Almost citrus like   acidity backed up with some light oak and spun sugar. Finish – Subtle hints   of sweet caramelised oak. Surprisingly interesting, rounded and elegant   – despite not being one the night’s chest thumping blockbusters it was an   excellent well balanced delightful Dalwhinnie.
 RRP £185

Lagavulin 12 year old –   “limited numbers”
Eleventh in a series of special 12 year old releases from the original   distiller’s stocks. Vatted from refill American Oak casks, each at least 12   years old. Nose – Wash backs and brewers yeast instantly spring to mind,   lemon infused crème caramel and well intrigated peat. Palate – More yeasty   notes, hay, cured meats and red fruits sit on top of the rich peat, a great   whisky. Finish – Sweet toasted oak, freshly cut hay and something a little   farm yard-esq. The popular vote winner on the night we tasted it and perhaps   the best Lagavulin 12 bottled to date. £71

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