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July Previews: 4 New Releases

We’ve released 4 preview casks from July’s Outturn… be amongst the first of our members to preview the new list before its release on Fri 6 July.

Poles Apart Pair: 41.52 & 76.91 only £95
41.52 Boiled sweets and Playdoh & 76.91 Caballero in an orange grove. A young bourbon cask and an old sherry cask, this pairing contains plenty to delight the sweet-toothed explorer.

July’s Tasting Panel Favourite: 3.189 – £61.10
3.189 Echoes of bonfires and funfairs (Islay) The taste could best be described as fierce but pleasant – ash, smoke, burnt toffee, toffee apples, echoes of bonfire night; dry clove and mustard heat to finish.

Seaside Stunner: 4.165 – £82.30
4.165 Soft peat and seaside piers (Highland Island) A chewy taste of toffee crisp, soft heather, mint hot chocolate, Murray mints with saccharin bitterness and a minerally peat heat left the Panel pleasantly surprised.

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