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The Distillery of Dallas DhuFor Father’s Day, One for him, one for you…

375 mL flasks of 28 Year Old Dallas Dhu, distilled 1975

The Dallas Dhu distillery stands tall and proud in Morayshire, Scotland, and draws thousands of tourists to see how an authentic traditional distillery operates. But sadly it is now only a museum, its stills have been silent for 29 years.

Very few barrels of any whisky from this lost Speyside treasure still exist. We have 375 mL (known as pint or half-bottle) flasks of one of the best, a wonderfully “old school” single-malt scotch whisky. It evokes a visit to Scotland, stopping at a pub or maybe a B&B. When they find out that this is your first time over there they insist that you must have a wee dram of something very special. Something like this.

We were examining this Dallas Dhu with a customer with a trusted palate. He quite liked it and, without even knowing the price, ordered 24 bottles. He confirmed the order when he found out.

375 mL flasks, especially with such incredible scotch inside, are very uncommon,. They are perfectly suited to carrying in jacket pockets or giving as gifts. I have a good feeling that your father would find it delicious.

Tasting notes:
The nose is intriguing with hints of pear, apple, salted oatmeal, heather and so much more. The palate is coated with a lush, oily and full texture. Flavors of shortbread, honey, citrus, and floral chamomile eddy around your tongue. It has great depth, exquisite balance, and a finish that feels endless.

We saved this stunning single malt from being lost forever. So few will have a chance to taste it and we are thankful to be able to give our customers the opportunity. This is just another reason why distilleries should never be closed.

Reg. Price $124.99 -Sale Price $ 99.99

SPECIAL Deal Two Bottles for $149.99

Please pass this on to any friends who are scotch enthusiasts.

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