Compass Box ‘World Record’ UK Tasting Tour – Success! – Scotch Whisky News

A note from Chris at Compass Box;

Starting in Inverness just after midnight, at 12.01am, John Glaser and Dominic Roskrow proceeded to host 8 different whisky tastings in 8 Whisky Shops across 8 cities between Inverness and 643 miles away in Brighton.

Travelling by car, the team reached their destination in Brighton bang on time at 11.30pm, 30 minutes within their 24 hour deadline. There were many highlights, but drinking Great King Street Highballs with more than 25 whisky fans in Edinburgh at 4.30am in the morning will live long in the memory!

Guinness were unfortunately unable to process the World Record attempt before it actually took place….but kindly replied three days afterwards (!) to confirm that it would have been a new world record category for them. So it’s the ‘World Record’ that wasn’t…Oh well, it was still an amazing day!

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