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Paul was on Mull, chatting to Neil Morrison; Isle of Mull Blended Scotch Whisky.

After a good long while in the making, the Isle of Mull Blended Scotch  Whisky is now available (has been for a wee while now).

Over a dram or three of the blend no less; Paul; so Neil, what started you on this road to blending your own whisky?  Neil; well after months of talking with Calum (Malcolm Maclean), setting things in motion, blasting the credit cards and a few drams, we came to the conclusion we needed our own unique blend of whisky. No just any blend, but one smooth enough for anyone.

Paul; so how did you come to this particular blend? Neil; we toured half of Scotland looking for the very best – we found what we wanted and progressed to blend what we now have, Isle of Mull whisky, its no just another blend, its no just a whim, this is something we are proud of and it will be a Mull icon; two local lads, a whisky conceived, designed and brought to you by Mull itself. Although not a product of the island, we feel it is OF the island.

Paul; I like the dram of course, but I also approve of the packaging and design, who did that for you? Neil; A good pal (and aye a local designer) Ewan Leckie developed the brand image.

Paul; Is that the whole team? Neil; well no, another lifelong pal Derwyn Hewitt (of the Isle of Mull Brewing Company) is superb at book keeping and keeping us in check, after that, we had a team!

Paul; How has the brand gone down locally and beyond? Neil; we have had fantastic local support and fantastic local sales,  and the likes of Gordon & Macphail,Wallace’s Express and Fortleiths added much needed promotion and selling skills. It is now available at good stores nationwide.

Paul; yourself and Calum are the power behind the dram aye? Neil; Aye, if I can get Calum away from his fishing boat he is a mine of knowledge and has the chat to go with it. I also own and run Macgochan’s Pub here in Tobermory. Paul added, the two of them are infectious and certainly know how to laugh and share a good dram!

Paul; what is the volume annually so far? Neil; a special 1000 litres, making it hard to find, but once you do, you want another one! Maybe a collectors Edition?

Paul; where can we all buy a bottle? Neil; at the moment, at my pub (where you got yours from) and  Gordon & Macphail ( Forteiths ( Wallace (  and on the island at

Paul; what of the future? Neil; well, we aim to grow our brand, move into export and generally enlarge the sales and output. We are well on our way on that score.

Note from Paul; the Maclean Clan gathering takes place once again on Mull this June, we have Maclean’s from all over the world coming to Mull to take part, pre orders of this whisky are bound to be high, so my suggestion to you is; try and get a bottle or three of this dram as soon as you can! I mentioned this to Neil and do you know what he did? Gave me three bottles for a tasting session  for our clan tour group, good man so he is! We look forward to it, thanks very much Neil, no away to that wedding!!! 

THE BIG WHISKY INTERVIEW TOOK PLACE IN TOBERMORY, ISLE OF MULL, SATURDAY 24TH MARCH, over a bowl of chips and a few drams of this superbly blended Scotch.

Paul McLean owns and runs; and with business partner Liz Gillespie.

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