Nikka Tsuru 17yo (43%, OB, 2012) – Japanese Whisky Tasting Note

Nikka Tsuru 17yo (43%, OB, 2012) 

It’s always nice to see a new offering from NIKKA and this one has a decanter bottle with a ‘swan’ indent in the middle so it’s easy to pour, which is important. There’s plenty of information on the back label however unsurprisingly it’s in Japanese. The nose is rich and welcoming with hints of oak spice and some gentle fruit. Nutmeg and the aromas collectively are not aggressive but proper and presenting just enough to deliver the message. The taste is malty and solid with some really good cocoa (unsweetened) and some very close to Springbank moments or perhaps Hazelburn since there is no peat smoke evident. Some good sweetness arrives in due course followed by some more of the malt. The finish shows the malt, the cocoa and then some more sweetness however it’s not over whelming and is in balance with the nose and the taste. 

All in all an excellent whisky, blended or not. 


Score 89 points.

  1. Andrew Ferguson says:

    Funny you should say Springbank, because it reminded me of a fruitier Cambeltown Loch 21.

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