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Whiskies of the World San Francisco Update

Hello Whisky Fans!

We hope that you kicked off the New Year in a spirited mood! Don’t be too hard on yourselves for breaking some of those pesky resolutions. The WoW Expo staff only made resolutions we’re guaranteed to keep such as making the fast approaching WoW Expo the best whisky tasting event ever! Tickets are selling briskly and we’re fielding new requests from exhibitors every week so it looks like we’re on track to keep that resolution.

WoW 2012 Expo tickets
If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, we wholeheartedly recommend not waiting any longer! The show will sell out earlier than usual this year. Our friends who already bought tickets should start planning their sampling routes and whisky destinations. Our newsletters and Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible can help guide you. Don’t have a Whisky Bible on your bookshelf? You can buy one on our website or win it in our contest: send us a 25-word narrative on “What’s the best thing about Whisky for you?” Send to contest@whiskiesoftheworld.com . Three lucky winners will score copies of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible. It’s a wonderful chance to practice your creative writing! For those of few words but discerning palate, if you buy four or more Expo tickets we’ll send you a free copy of Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible while supplies last.

General Admission: $120
VIP (Sold Out) $150
Dram Club: $130                                        
Dram Club Membership: $60


Expo Update
Now for an update on some of the amazing spirits and features you will find at the 13th annual WOW Expo in San Francisco, Saturday night March 31, 2012 on board the docked San Francisco Belle. The Expo features three ballroom sized decks full of whiskies, music and food as well as an open air top deck looking over the Bay. While your taste buds anticipate hedonistic pleasures as you browse the current pour list, we’ll tease you with some of the other great fun to be had at the show.

The evening begins with the immensely educational and FUN Masterclasses presented by the stars of the whisky world. Sign up NOW, for no extra charge, on line at the website, to reserve your space at these limited experiences. Get up close and personal with Master Distillers and Blenders of some of the world’s most remarkable spirits. All the Masterclasses are very space limited and should be reserved in advance at the following sign up page. Click through and check out your incredible options…this isn’t fair! It’s too hard to choose!!!

In case you can’t wait for Expo night itself, our next WoW whisky dinner is set for Feb 22 at the Cigar Bar & Grill in San Francisco. If you can’t get enough of the whiskies presented at the Cigar Bar & Grill, just remember that you’ll be able to re-sample them at the Expo in the company of even more whisky enthusiasts. For more details and to reserve your space at this epicurean whisky adventure, click here.


On to our featured whiskies and some wonderful palate pleasures of the culinary type
Scotland really fires us up this year with more new and unique expressions of highly individualistic single malts bottled by Douglas Laing & Company. At the Expo, take a chance and learn first-hand about the exciting success story of the family run Glasgow-based independent bottler and blender. The extraordinary Laing Brothers talents have been put to remarkable use selecting the finest casks available. This year WOW features the following expressions for your sampling pleasure:
• Douglas of Drumlanrig Breaval 11
• Douglas of Drumlanrig Mortlach 18
• Douglas of Drumlanrig Macallan 21
• Douglas XO Blended Scotch Whisky
• Clan Denny Speyside Malt
• Clan Denny Islay Malt
What else can we add? Every single whisky on the list shouts “WoW”, from the “who said I’m inferior to a single malt” Douglas XO Blended to the “as smoky as a Highlander is allowed to be” Macallan.


Curious about the micro-distilling explosion in the USA?
Meet and talk with one of the most intrepid gents in the industry, Phil Prichard. He’s the classic tale of a man who followed his heart and a tradition started by his great-great grandfather by building the first new legal distillery in Tennessee in nearly fifty years! He’s made a name for himself, his spirits and his unique distilling process. Prichard’s Tennessee Whiskey, made of high-sugar white corn in a pot still according to true Irish traditions, will be an adventure on the palate for any whisky lover. Phil will talk to you all night, if you let him, about his passion for distilling and life on the US whisky trail! The Expo is proud to say that Phil is one of the many artisan distillers that we brought to the public eye through our support of craft brands! Be sure to ask him about granddaddy Ben’s original recipes and whether you can use his Sweet Lucy Bourbon Liqueur as a home remedy for the common cold (statements not endorsed by the FDA)!


The Irish
After your sensory tour of Scotland and the US it’s time to move on. Ireland is a major player on the world whiskey scene. The Expo is proud to host Michael Collins Irish Whiskey. Distilled at Cooley Distillery in Dundalk, recently purchased by Beam Global, this whiskey is named for Michael Collins, leader of Irish independence. Michael Collins Irish Whiskey is double distilled for a proper balance of purity and character then matured in bourbon seasoned casks. Both the Single Malt and Blended whiskeys are rich and smooth, characterized by complexity and backbone. Treat yourself to a post St. Paddy’s day sampling of these fine examples of the Irish distiller’s art.


Looking for a tasty snack between spirits? Back again with the the most delicious condiment this side of Loch Lommond, MacQuade’s Celtic Chutneys compliment all our spirits as well as the food samples you’ll find at the expo such as Californian old-fashioned raw-milk cheeses by Fiscalini and the unusual all natural Krave Jerky. Don’t miss any of these taste delights!


Cigars any one?
Are you one of the many cigar lovers at the Expo? If so, don’t miss the Masterclass conducted by Ed Trevino from General Cigar Company. A knowledgeable brand ambassador with 20 years of experience in the premium tobacco industry, Ed has traveled to many exotic cigar producing countries and sampled myriads of iconic cigars. Ed is a true cigar lover himself! He likes his cigar, either Cohiba or Partagas, paired with a glass of scotch or bourbon. Did anybody think it would be coffee? We’ll pair Cigars with Douglas of Drumlanrig Mortlach 18 and Richard’s Double Chocolate Bourbon during the Masterclass. All cigar and whisky enthusiasts and experimenters are welcome to join this highly informative and “perfect” pairing session. Remember – you are encouraged to SIGN UP IN ADVANCE at the website to reserve your seats for this limited-seating masterclass.

We’ll leave you here to dream of Expo eve and hope you’ll bring friends and co workers who have never before experienced this greatest of whisky events!


Douglas Smith

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