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The Relaxed Whisky Weekend

7 – 9 September 2012

Fellow Whisky enthusiasts,

The first newsletter of 2012, it’s about time. We have been busy the past few months. And so have you! Tickets sales are going really well. Fantastic! Looking forward to seeing you all in September. Or perhaps before then at one of the whisky fairs on our Maltstock promo tour. We would also like to welcome all the friendly people we’ve met at the whisky fair in the Hague last November. We really enjoyed meeting you and hope to see many of you in September.

Club Bottle Battle

Try saying that ten times in a row ;-) There are a lot of whisky clubs out there. We have listed 462 on our website so far. Many of them do their own club bottlings. We thought it would be fun to compare those bottles. So we would like to invite all whisky clubs out there to enter one or more of their club bottlings. The label has to be clearly state it is a bottling for your whisky club. It does not have to be a recent bottling. You’re also allowed to enter more than one bottle and thus increase your chances.

You can bring the bottle to Maltstock yourself. But please send us an e-mail with details of the bottling before August 1st. If you are not able to join us at Maltstock this year, but you would like to enter your club bottling, no problem. Just send it to Maltstock HQ, Nimrodstraat 54, 6531 LH, Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

We’re also looking for a sponsor to provide a nice award for the winning club. Please contact us if you’re interested.

Highlander Inn breakfast

We are very happy that the Highlander Inn will again travel from lovely Craigellachie in Speyside to Maltstock to make sure everybody will get an excellent Scottish breakfast. Of course you do not have to wait until September to try their excellent breakfast and enjoy their fantastic service. All you have to do is travel to Craigellachie Scotland and experience their warm welcome. Visit for all details. You can also try a real (Maltstock) whisky breakfast!

Maltstock promo tour

The Maltstock promo team will be on the road again the coming months. We hope to meet you at one of the whisky fairs. We will be at:

- 11 and 12 February, Gent, Belgium
– 18 February, Hielander whisky festival Alkmaar, the Netherlands
– 11 March, Duncan Taylor at L&B cafe in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
– 23-25 March, Whiskyfestival Noord-Nederland, Groningen, the Netherlands
– 28 April, whisky fair Limburg, Germany
– 3-7 May, Spirit of Speyside, Scotland

Promote Maltstock

We really enjoy seeing Maltstock fans promoting Maltstock. Check out our Facebook page for some fantastic pictures. Keep them coming! You can either post them on our Facebook page or e-mail them us. If you would like to promote Maltstock as well, please contact us and we can provide a banner and flyers.

We’re currently working on the Maltstock program. More on this in the next newsletter. We’re also open to creative ideas, so if you have a good or crazy idea, let us know. Make sure you don’t miss out and get your tickets on time. Last year Maltstock was sold out.

See you in September, see you at Maltstock!

Arthur, Bob, Eline, Rogier & Teun

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