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Teacher’s Scotch launches Super Premium Portfolio from India

Teacher’s 25 Year Old 700 ml, priced at Rs 26, 230 in Delhi, Rs 33,225 in Mumbai; Rs 32,368 in Bangalore and Rs 31,000 in Kolkata. Soon also available at Airport duty free at US$ 250

Teacher’s Highland Single Malt from the Ardmore Distillery 750ml priced at Rs 4210 in Delhi, Rs 5000 in Mumbai, Rs 4544 in Bangalore, Rs 3900 in Kolkata. 1 litre variant soon also available at Airport duty free at US$ 40

December 5, 2011: Teacher’s, the No 1 Scotch portfolio in India with a robust portfolio of blended Scotch whiskies announced new introductions in the super premium and luxury Scotch expressions with the global launch of Teacher’s 25 Years Old Blended Scotch Whisky and Teacher’s Highland Single Malt Whisky from the Ardmore Distillery The global launch of both these premium spirits from India is a reiteration of Beam Inc’s commitment to the Indian market and a salutation to a country that made its flagship Teacher’s Highland Cream the dominant market leader across India.

Beam Inc., the 4th largest spirits company in the world is committed to its consumer insight driven innovations agenda and is encouraged with strong growth witnessed in emerging markets. India continues to be jewel in the crown emerging market for Beam with a very successful Teacher’s portfolio. Teacher’s currently markets Teacher’s Highland Cream, Teacher’s 50 – 12 Years Old and recently introduced premium innovation – Teacher’s Origin.

There are a rare chosen few, who lead a life which is a superbly crafted symphony of achievements – one shining moment leads to another lustrous one. The notes of success build upon themselves – inevitable, inexorably, leading to a high that has the world look up.

Speaking at the global launch of the two super premium expressions from India, Mr. Harish Moolchandani, CEO & Managing Director (India & Indian Sub Continent), Beam India & ISC said, We have seen some very exciting times in the last year. Teacher’s as a brand outperformed the market and expectations and its elevation to the numero uno position in India has reaffirmed our belief in the understanding we have of the Indian consumer and their requirements. Teacher’s 25 Year Old and Teacher’s Single Malt are very premium expressions that will help us break through the clutter in the Indian Scotch Whisky market and offer the finest experiences to whisky aficionados. The Teacher’s 25 Year Old is truly a feather in the cap for Beam Inc. It is for connoisseurs ready to experience the ultimate and we are certain to see it become an exclusive and aspirational expression of achievement.

Mr. Robert Hicks, Teacher’s Master Blender, added, Teacher’s 25 Year Old is the oldest Teacher’s blend that has ever produced by us for sale and has been specially created to show how important it is to Teacher’s. The blend is so rich and full of flavour and stays true to William Teacher Senior’s guiding principles of a high malt content blend. If he were here now, he would be exceedingly proud of this supreme Teacher’s blend. While, Teacher’s Highland Single Malt is produced at Ardmore Malt distillery in the Eastern Highlands of Scotland and was designed and built in 1898 by Adam Teacher, one of the sons of William Senior, Adam wanted a very individual single malt whisky to be distilled for use in Teacher’s and to achieve that he bought the New Pitsligo peat bed in Banff to ensure the quality of the peat used in drying the malted barley. A quality we are proud of and dedicate to you.


Teacher’s 25 Year Old – the highest note yet in William Teacher’s legendary quest for perfection.

Teacher’s 25 Year Old is a rare and exclusive blend of the finest Scotch whiskies, available in individually numbered, exquisitely crafted ceramic decanter carriers to preserve exclusivity. This expression is distilled, matured and bottled in Scotland. It contains an unusually high percentage of malt whisky. In particular, the main flavours are provided by our own Ardmore Single Malt from the Ardmore distillery, which has been producing the finest Highland peated malt whisky for the Teacher’s family since 1898. To create the blend, only the finest aged casks of at least 25 years of age are first hand selected, followed by the art of blending – which is more art than science – to craft the finished spirit. The result is a supremely characterful, rich and smooth blend with subtle hints of unique peat smoke.


Colour: Bright Gold

Nose: At natural strength the immediate aroma is of spice and fruit, a trace of cinnamon and possibly nutmeg that encapsulates the peach and sweet orange creaminess that has a slight hint of lemon backing. With a trace of water the whisky opens to a multitude of additional flavours that gives the whisky a magnificent complexity. The mix of soft red apples, spice and a touch of sherbet are strengthened by the distinct tang of highland peat that then finishes with a soft creamy caramel sweetness.

Body: The vast complexity is well balanced by the rich sweetness

Palate: Again without water the taste is round, smooth and soft with touches of spices, fruit and peat smoke. Just a touch of water allows the mass of fruit and many soft spice flavours to develop. This slowly fades into the tang of smoky peat that is well balanced by the nutty creamy oak flavours.

Finish: Initially sweet but fades into a surprising dryness that allows the smoke to linger on for ages

Teacher’s Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky comes from the Ardmore distillery in the Highlands of Scotland, established in 1898. It is distilled, matured and bottled in Scotland. A 100% peated Highland malt, the spirit is lightly, yet entirely peated – and has been so since 1898 when the Teacher’s family first decided to build a distillery in the Highlands. From the beginning, Ardmore was designed to create a very high quality malt whisky which would form the heart of Teacher’s Highland Cream, the Teacher family’s famous blended Scotch whisky. Today, Ardmore still uses the highest quality production methods, including traditional wooden wash backs and peats it’s malt with peat taken only from the Highlands. The result is a rich, complex malt whisky with very balanced smoky notes – the result is Teacher’s Single Malt Whisky.


Teacher’s Highland Single Malt From The Ardmore Distillery

Colour: Burnished gold.

Aroma: A rich softness linked with a smooth, slightly dry aroma, combined with a gentle, earthy, peat smoke.

Body: Full with subtle gentleness.

Palate: Full and rich flavours fill the mouth with a creamy peat tang and a touch of vanilla and sweet ripe fruit.

Finish: Full, succulent and quite long.

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