Speyburn 25yo Solera (46%, OB, +/-2010) – Scotch Whisky Tasting Note


Speyburn 25yo Solera (46%, OB, +/-2010)

Many may be familiar with the Speyburn 10 year old, Speyburn Braden Orach and now the Speyburn 25yo. That’s it, three whiskies to choose from. But we have the oldest to take a peak at. The nose is fragrant with heather and roses at first however this quickly is taken over by some sturdier notes in the form of malt, bees wax and warmed brown sugar (think of it in the pan just before the butter goes in). All in all it’s heady combination, some lemon on there some where or even some lemon lavender cake icing? Again it’s very good. The taste is fragrant malt (a bit of the malt and some of the heather and roses) however then the oak spice and cold sweetened tea make an appearance along with some cocoa. Not an off note in the whole picture and a very solid flavour profile. The finish is a rush of malt and icing sugar all tinged with some oak spiciness (think of black pepper and cinnamon), the later moments are quite dry but the sweetness is there also.

Very, very nice and lively


Score 88 points

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