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The Master Blender

The Master Blender


What’s the best whisky to go with Easter eggs?

Admit it, since you opened up those Easter eggs today you’ve been thinking “hmm, chocolate is nice, but what’s the best whisky to be having with them?”

And now I’m here to give you the answer…

As with all things involving whisky and chocolate, it really is a matter of preference – only an idiot would say there’s one definitive answer that covers every person, so get all your whisky bottles and Easter eggs out to mix and match and then when you find the right combination, just sip and savour away.

Having said that, the basic rule to consider is this: the darker the chocolate the older and more complex the whisky should be, so something like Whyte & Mackay 13 year old or Dalmore 15 year old whiskies for the standard milk chocolate Easter egg. If it’s darker perhaps something along the lines of the Dalmore King Alexander III, Dalmore Mackenzie or the Whyte & Mackay 30 year old (though I think that last one goes quite well with milk chocolate too).

How to taste it

Don’t just throw it all in your mouth and go “mmffm mmmmff mmfffm” and swallow – that’s the equivalent of just knocking back the whisky. (and for God’s sake don’t speak with your mouth full.)

If you’ve got coffee involved as well (because that can really add to the flavours), start with the coffee, feel the flavour rising through your mouth, warming it for what’s to come. Then take the whisky and – holding it in your mouth at least one second for every year the whisky is aged – move it over and under your tounge, letting the complexities of the dram come out. Finally, add the chocolate and the coffee and whisky will bring out the flavours embedded there, but again treat it with respect, enjoy it in your mouth, not just “chomp chomp chomp”.

And compare and contrast, try the coffee, chocolate and whisky without combining them to see what the pairings bring out in each of them.

But most of all, enjoy and have a fantastic Easter. (This arrived a little late but is sound advice none the less)

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