10th Annual Whisky Fringe Tickets Go On Sale Wednesday 18th May – Scotch Whisky News


From the Whisky Fringe people;

Tickets for our 10th annual Whisky Fringe will go on sale at 10:00am on Wednesday 18th May.

- No tickets can be reserved in advance.

- 4 tickets maximum per customer.

- Tickets only available to purchase online through our website (not in our shops).

- Please ensure you are registered beforehand, tickets sell out fast.

*Click here to check your log in details or to register*

(Please note that Friday 5th is aimed more towards trade customers, but a limited number of tickets are available for general sale). 

“I still wouldn’t miss it for the world!! (Shame it’s my wedding anniversary on the 16th…still, she’ll understand!!!)”

Mark Appleton 2009 (frequent Whisky Fringe goer and still happily married) 

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