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The Glengoyne Christmas Cask – A World’s First – Scotch Whisky News


Dumgoyne: Glengoyne Distillery is to launch its SLOWEST ever bottling. Taking over four years to complete, this is a world’s first small batch release from a single cask, creating a live experiment which whisky enthusiasts can take part in.


Available from Tuesday 28 December 2010, The Glengoyne Christmas Cask will be released each Christmas until 2014. Just 100 bottles will be released at a time, exclusively available to buy in person from the distillery shop. This highly innovative, first of a kind bottling will allow single cask lovers to trace the flavour evolution in this remarkable, yet typical, Glengoyne cask over its next four years of maturation.

Cask 790, a First Fill Oloroso Sherry Butt distilled in 2002, is currently rich, with hints of rosehip syrup, cocoa beans, oak and spice. It still clings to the last of its spirited youth, but delivering plenty and promising much more.
Glengoyne’s unique flavour is derived from Scotland’s SLOWEST malt whisky distillation and the use of some of Spain’s finest sherry casks. Every year a team of dedicated noses search the warehouses for casks that are just right, releasing between two and four Single Casks a year.  Once in the bottle the whisky stops maturing, so Single Cask bottlings represent a snapshot in time.

Stuart Hendry, Glengoyne Brand Heritage Manager explained “One day, after a particularly productive tasting session, we got to thinking – what if there is something more? We at the distillery are able to taste casks as they mature, witnessing their highs and lows, their flavour peak and troughs as they wind their way towards maturity. What if we were able to share that with our anorak-wearing whisky chums?”

‘Headspace’ – the area within the cask unoccupied by liquid – is normally created through evaporation at the rate of approximately 1.5% per annum. In the case of the Christmas Cask we will be removing 70 litres from the cask each year, leading to much increased headspace, giving the potential for higher rates of evaporation and interactive maturation. Stuart continued: “We don’t know for sure what will happen, but we’re looking forward to finding out.”

The release of the Glengoyne Christmas Cask is something completely different, a first of its kind for the distillery, and the world, representing the Glengoyne SLOW ethos. It is an utterly unique insight into the life of a Single Malt Whisky cask, with the staggered bottlings perfectly demonstrating the long slow path each and every cask takes to reach the moment of perfect maturity. Each bottle will be numbered and signed by the Glengoyne Tasting Panel, but will be presented without packaging in order to keep the price down.

The release date for the first 100 bottles is 28th December 2010 and the bottles must be purchased AT the distillery, priced £100. They will not be available online or through telesales.

For further information visit: or call the distillery on 01360 550 254

Ian Macleod Distillers encourages responsible drinking


Award-winning Glengoyne is one of the leading premium malt whiskies in the world and has been distilled at Glengoyne distillery since 1833. The Glengoyne portfolio consists of the 10 Years Old, 12 Years Old Cask Strength, 12 Years Old at 43%, 17 Years Old , 21 Years Old and Vintage 1972 as well as other limited edition special bottlings. 

Following a recent 25% increase in case sales Glengoyne recently announced a new long-term marketing initiative based on the concept “SLOW”, and is to invest upwards of £1m in the campaign drive over the next two years.

The campaign is centred on Glengoyne’s distillation speed, which is SLOWER than any other Scotch Whisky. Glengoyne attributes its high quality, smooth tasting malt to its slow distillation, which is about one third the normal rate.
SLOWLY distilling the spirit allows more contact with the copper stills, removing unwanted sulphur which can result in bitterness and encouraging the formation of esters creating Glengoyne’s distinctive apple fruitiness. The increased copper interaction also helps draw more flavour from the slowly handcrafted Spanish Sherry oak casks during maturation.



Scotch Malt Whisky Society – Burns 2011 – New Use of Exclusive Vaults Lounge – Corporate Membership – Scotch Whisky News


Warm roaring fires, grand high ceilings with a most curious touch and private access the world’s best whisky bar…

Where will you celebrate the life of The Bard in 2011?

Private Burns Celebrations at SMWS
The Society offers a range of private Burns dinners and suppers including theatrical entertainment and music, delicious food and of course, the finest whisky.

The Vaults Members’ Lounge
The exclusive Members’ Room lounge in the The Vaults in now available for your one-of-a-kind celebration. With a site dating back to 1200 AD, the Vaults lounge is transformed for your perfect dinner and whisky tasting. Roaring fireplaces and exclusive use of the main bar, will ensure you can impress up to 65 guests.

Corporate Membership
Kick off 2011 with Good Company and membership for your business, affording preferential rates on events, access to Members Rooms in Edinburgh and London and corporate gifting.

Visit for more info and inspiration.

Edinburgh Events               London Events
0131 555 2266                       0207 8314447     

Ralfy Publishes Episode #173 – Scotch Whisky News


Ralfy from shares some festive Spirit opinions about older Blended Scotch. To be specific,   … whisky review 173 – Ballantines 17yo .. an articulate, region-trotting Scotch with complexity.


Maltstock supports Serious Request


Maltstock supports Serious Request  
Help the Red Cross in the fight against Aids. The Dutch radio station 3FM is currently raising money for this very good cause. One of the ways to raise money is to have a big auction. People can enter whatever they would like to have auctioned and all the money goes to the Red Cross.

A group of Dutch whisky ambassadors is supporting Serious Request with a very special auction: a tasting with the crème de la crème of Dutch whisky ambassadors and their whisky. A once in a lifetime experience!

Maltstock is supporting this by offering everybody at this tasting a 10% discount to Maltstock 2011. And there will be two free tickets to be won at this tasting.

So please visit the link below and start bidding. This will be a very special and fantastic tasting for you and your friends, your club, your colleagues, your family. It will be great fun! And you are supporting the fight against Aids.

Thank you all and have a merry malty Christmas season!

You can place your bid here:

More information on the Serious Request campaing:

The Freezing Point of Scotch Whisky – Scotch Whisky News


Behind the blend with Ludo Grant’s Global Ambassador

The freezing point of Scotch whisky

Hi all,

As most of Europe is experiencing one of the coldest winters on record and temperatures plummeted to -19C in Dufftown last night, I have been asked many times about the whisky that is maturing in our warehouses. Can it freeze, is the big question?

In a nutshell, the answer is no. The temperature in our warehouses doesn’t vary as much as it does outside from season to season. There is simply so much whisky in each warehouse (up to 50,000 casks in our newer ones) that it takes a long time for the temperature of so much liquid to change. The climate inside our warehouses is therefore a lot more constant than it is outside.

Please visit to read the rest of Ludo’s excellent article on this subject.


Merry Christmas From Whisky Intelligence – Christmas Whisky News


Whisky Intelligence is celebrating Christmas with family, friends, a few drams and would like to take the opportunity to wish the myriad of Whisky Intelligence readers a Merry Christmas and may all your drams come true! Whisky Intelligence will be back at full cask strength after Christmas and Boxing Day (depending on the availability of whisky news!).

Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas from BenRiach and GlenDronach – Scotch Whisky News


Merry Christmas from BenRiach and GlenDronach.

It’s been a hectic time for us over the past few weeks. With the exciting new expressions going into production and the release of GlenDronach Batch 3, there hasn’t been a quiet moment. The 60cm of snowfall has made things a little tricky at both distilleries, but whilst many parts of the country have ground to a halt, we have battled on through the big freeze, and the whisky making process has continued unabated.

Season’s Greetings from Compass Box!


Celebrate Hogmanay with a NEW Limited Edition from The Dalmore – Scotch Whisky News


Celebrate Hogmanay with a NEW Limited Edition from The Dalmore

Bring in the New Year with a dram of the NEW Dalmore Eos 59 year old single malt. The Dalmore is renowned for its distinction and aristocratic pedigree, rewarding its loyal admirers with a unique, full taste that reflects its colourful history and origins.

Named after the Titan goddess of the dawn, The Dalmore’s Eos captures the essence of mythical properties and divine nature that she represented to our ancestors. Legend has it that Eos opened the gates of heaven every morning, an appropriate portrayal of the opening of the Dalmore’s warehouse doors to release this divine spirit. Like the ancient practice of worshipping the dawn, The Dalmore’s Eos is sure to become a treasured part of whisky history.

The subtle aromas reach you well before your tongue senses the exquisite flavours like the brightening night sky hinting to dawn. An exhilarating explosion of honeyed pear and pineapple, bitter dark chocolate and roasted coffee wakens the senses before the nose delights to the scent of soft peaches, mangoes and almonds. Intense flavours of toffee, caramel, orange, golden syrup and cinnamon then vie for attention on the palate and leave a long lingering full-flavoured aftertaste.

Selected from the same two exceptional sherry casks, Eos is sister to Selene, The Dalmore’s highly prized 1951 vintage. An additional year of slumber has intensified the flavours of the whiskies, now combined to create a golden nectar likely to appeal to the sacred golden-throned goddess herself.

Little did The Dalmore’s local artisans know it at the time, but on the seventh of June 1951 history was being created. This was the day that casks 1781 and 1782 were filled and left to mature, deep in dark, bonded warehouse’s tucked away in the Scottish Highlands. As countless dawns swept the land, the characteristics that make Eos so unique slowly developed, infusing the spirit with distinctive aromas, flavours and finishes. Now, over half a century later, The Dalmore’s Master Distiller finally believes the time is right to release the spirit.

Only 20 decanters containing this divine spirit will ever see the light of day. Made from mouth blown Portuguese crystal, painstakingly hand cut and adorned with beautiful silver highlights, each decanter reflects the years of skill, knowledge and craftsmanship that have gone into producing every drop of The Dalmore Eos. The decanter is then safely encased in a prized and robust solid steel box, inlaid with dark timber to protect it over the decades to come.

Price RSP £15,000

Visit The Dalmore website at

The above whisky can be found at Harrods, Selfridges, Whisky Shop Chain,, Oddbins, Nicolas, World of Whisky, World Duty Free & all good whisky specialists.


The Dalmore whisky is crafted in small batches using an artisan philosophy that has been passed down through generations, The Dalmore converts crystal-clear water from the nearby river Alness in the Highlands into liquid gold. The small band of stillmen that run the distillery all originate from a handful of local families and with years of experience exhibit true craft and take enormous pride in their work. This ensures The Dalmore whisky’s unique character.

Whisky fans can join The Dalmore Custodians, a select group of individuals with an appetite for luxury single malt, by visiting

Loch Fyne Whiskies News ‘Seasons Greetings – and a wee treat!’ – Scotch Whisky News


A special thank you note to all supporters of Loch Fyne Whiskies; buyers, advocates and visitors – all are very much appreciated, especially those who have been patient and understanding during the chaos of the weather induced mayhem with parcel deliveries.

To aid the digestion we are now posting the next re-issue of ‘The Lost SWRs’, Edition 26  and will post Edition 27 next week, in time for Hogmanay.

Happy Christmas! and thanks.

You may view the latest post at

Best regards,
Loch Fyne Whiskies


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